Is your iPhone compatible with the new iOS 16? See how to find out

The new version of the iPhone operating system should be close to being released to the general public. Announced in June this year by Apple, iOS 16 will possibly be available from the launch of the iPhone 14, scheduled for this Wednesday (7).

The company is holding its annual product launch event this week. In addition to four new cell phones, the arrival of a new generation of headphones and new Apple Watch watches is expected.

iOS 16 only for older phones

With the release of iOS 16, some of the company’s old cell phones will become incompatible with its new features (see more at the end of the text). In addition, they no longer receive security features. Newer apps may also stop working over the years.

According to Apple, iOS 16 will be compatible with cell phones from iPhone 8 onwards. Thus, iPhone 6SiPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE (first generation), iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (which even received iOS 15, released last year) will not have the 2022 update.

How to find out the iOS version of iPhone

  • Enter in Settings;
  • click in General;
  • Go in About;
  • In “Model Name” you will see the model you have. In the item “iOS version” you will know which number your device’s operating system is on.

If your phone is greater than or equal to iPhone 8, prompts to upgrade to iOS 16 will appear as soon as it is released at:

  • Settings;
  • General;
  • Software update.

See full list of iPhones that will have iOS 16

iOS 16: What’s New?

Some highlights of the new operating system are:

New look

iPhone will have style indications (like filters) for the lock screen area and background. You can also customize font size and colors.


They will be more discreet and concentrated at the bottom of the screen. Thus, they will not completely cover the home screen.

messaging app

It will be possible to edit messages that have already been sent and unsubscribe them if necessary: ​​such as writing something wrong or regretting what was sent — the person will be notified that the content has been edited

voice typing

Improvements in the voice typing part, with the cell phone recognizing automatic punctuation (such as comma and period).

*With text by Guilherme Tagiaroli, Lucas Carvalho and Bruna Souza Cruz

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