Karnal, Pondé and the intellectual frogs. By Nathalia Claro Moreira

Leandro Karnal and Luiz Felipe Pondé. Photo: reproduction

By Nathalia Claro Moreira, university professor, researcher in Phenomenology (UERJ) and Ethnohistory (UFGD)

A few years ago, the Brazilian elected Leandro Karnal and Luiz Felipe Pondé as references for an unrestricted intellectuality. Karnal has works on the History of America, which is his area of ​​expertise, and Pondé, on Blaise Pascal. The situation would be calm if they kept to their ponds.

But the astrological conjunction of sharp tongue, well-pressed suit and white skin turned them both into a kind of Oracle of Delphi.

It was not uncommon to see Karnal talking to Fátima Bernardes about… anything. Same thing Ponde. Football? Marketing? Conflict between two African tribes in some remote sub-Saharan region? Pix? Buddhism? Jesus? The return of KLB? All. A beautiful speech, a phrase from Shakespeare, a historical curiosity, an aphorism from Nietzsche, an air of caviar with champagne at Coco Bambu… came a charming answer.

And the Brazilian welcomed it. Globo welcomed. The GNT welcomed. The impression is that these guys spend 24 hours studying “Current Affairs”, but the truth is that their latest works are those bad attractions in the Self-help section (and which unfortunately pop up the 10 best sellers in the Veja ranking).

These days Karnal argued that sending audio on WhatsApp is illiterate.

Today, I read a sordid article by Pondé arguing with his poor way of thinking that “autism is the latest trend in the market”.

Like Oedipus, the eyes bleed.

In my last Metaphysics class at UERJ, a renowned professor said with a laugh that CNN had called the department asking if he could talk about Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

He asked if he could talk about the ontology of war. They hung up.

That’s it. Intellectual frogs, stay in your ponds.

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