Kelly Key shocks by revealing unusual places where she has already evacuated: “Pizza box”

Singer Kelly Key surprised by saying that she has defecated in a pizza box and in other different places

The singer Kelly Key (39) surprised by making revelations about an intimate subject on his social network. This Sunday, 04, she opened a box of questions and ended up counting the places where she has already done her needs.

When asked by an internet user if she had already had her stool in a different place, the blonde did not hesitate and listed the unusual places while riding in the car with her husband, Micro Freitasand the youngest son, Artur Freitas (5).

“This one I’m a master, sorry but no one beats me, grocery bag, pizza box, grass, in a river, in the middle of the river, that’s what no one beats me”he declared impressing what he has already done.

Playing with the situation, the artist placed an image of the Queen Elizabeth II. “This one I’m queen and no one takes away my majesty”declared the blonde.

Recently, Kelly Key impressed and drew attention when she appeared in the sun in her panties and top. In the video, the famous gave a show of good form and got praise.

Kelly Key talking about feces

Kelly Key causes when taking off her pants in video

Recently, Kelly Key shared another one of her videos showing off her toned curves. At the time, she caused by appearing taking off her pants and only wearing a low-cut bikini. When dispensing with the clothes, the blonde revealed her toned body and clashed with her apparent muscles.

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