Mbappé opens the game and ‘defines’ who will be PSG’s official penalty taker for the season

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Player granted an interview for the first time of the season

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Great star of PSG, alongside Neymar and Mbappé, the 23-year-old star Mbappé, player with the most goals in 2022, spoke for the first time about all the controversy involving his ex-great friend, Neymar, club mate and PSG shirt 10.

This was the first time that Mbappé went public, after all the confusion with Neymar and other players in the squad. And one of the topics of the interview, obviously, is about who will be PSG’s official penalty taker for the season, as the French team has several heavy names, such as Neymar, Messi and Ramos.

We will see. We are not firm with Neymar. If Neymar has to hit, he will hit, if I have to kick, too. Number one doesn’t mean you’re going to charge everyone, you have to know how to split the pie. No problem with that”said the number 7 of the France club.

In the last games of PSG, it is Neymar who has been making the charges of the French team, with total use of 100% in the attempts. However, in the words of the French player, the Brazilian ace will not be number one when it comes to penalties at the Paris club.

At 32 years old, Mbappé is the top scorer in world football in 2022, surpassing Cano, who plays in Brazil, with the colors of the Flu.

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