NASA Astronaut Declares It Would ‘Be Horrible’ to Live in Elon Musk’s Mars Colony

It is not news that billionaire Elon Musk, owner of the company SpaceX, wants to set up a colony on Mars (when and how this will be done is another story. SpaceX itself was created to, among other goals, fulfill this purpose. However, the NASA astronaut Stanley G. Love points out that living isolated in space is no easy task.

If Elon Musk manages to move forward with his project, a million humans are expected to land on Mars by 2050. For the billionaire, the exodus to Mars will be inevitable, as Earth’s resources could be depleted sooner than anticipated, since humans are destroying the planet.


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During a conversation with Peter Diamandis, founder of the X Prize Foundation, Elon Musk said he truly believes that realizing his ambitious endeavor will not be easy. He even foresees some loss of human life on the way. “You may not come back alive, but it’s a glorious adventure, and it’s going to be an incredible experience,” he declared.

NASA astronaut and scientist Stan Love has logged more than 300 hours off Earth, and confesses that he would not sign up to participate in a mission to Mars. He knows that the experience of being stranded and away from his planet would be horrible, at least for the first people who arrive in Space.

In an interview with The Sun, the astronaut stated that although there is such a possibility, the experience would not be pleasant. “That [a declaração] It’s based on an opportunity I had while I was in the astronauts’ office to go to Antarctica,” Love said.

Antarctica Mars Experience

Furthermore, during the interview Love details how he felt while living in the camp. Despite living in small tents and having all the food he could want, he couldn’t bear to stay there for long. “I think the longest anyone has been there is five years continuously,” the astronaut estimated.

Recalling his return, Stan said the smell of living soil, grass and flowers “brings tears to his eyes”. This is a good reason why someone would refuse a one-way trip to Mars, but maybe in the face of possible planetary destruction people might change their minds.

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