Newcastle bid €35m for Andrey Santos

With the renewal of the contract recently agreed with Vasco, Andrey Santos has in his hands a proposal from Newcastle, from England, of €35 million, equivalent to R$ 181.6 million at the current price.

The proposal arrived in recent days through businessman Giuliano Bertolucci, who was recently in Europe. Bertolucci is one of Andrey’s representatives and is primarily responsible for communicating with clubs abroad.

Newcastle are willing to pay the €35 million in cash. For the time being in the hands of entrepreneurs alone, the proposal should be discussed in the coming days with Vasco, with whom Andrey will sign a contract valid until 2027.

The English club’s project pleases the player’s staff. Andrey also has a desire to play in a major league in Europe, and the Premier League naturally emerges among the favourites. Currently 11th in the Premier League, Newcastle has Brazilians Joelinton and Bruno Guimarães in the squad.

Andrey is pointed out as one of the main promises of Vasco’s base in recent years. Launched as a professional this year, he is the highlight of the team in Serie B, a starter in midfield and scorer of five goals.

€50 million fine

The renewal of Andrey Santos’ contract with Vasco was agreed this Monday, at a meeting in São Paulo between representatives of the club and the player. Although the deal has already been announced by Vasco, the new contract has not yet been signed – this should happen between Thursday and Friday.

The termination penalty for clubs abroad will be €50 million, around R$259.5 at the current rate. The contract has triggers that increase the salary as Andrey accumulates calls for the Brazilian team and games for Vasco’s professional, for example.

After playing against Brusque away from home on Saturday, Vasco’s squad took a break on Sunday and Monday. Andrey flew to São Paulo on Giuliano Bertolucci’s private jet alongside his parents (Jordan and André) and businessmen Fábio Menezes and Flávio Chaves. The player also had some exams scheduled to take in the capital of São Paulo.

On behalf of Vasco, Luiz Mello and Paulo Bracks, respectively CEO and sports director of the club’s SAF, participated in the meeting. The first meeting was in a restaurant, with the family. Then, in Bertolucci’s office, only businessmen and managers attended the meeting. Bracks and Mello reported to 777 Partners executives at all times during the conversation.

In the end, the termination penalty for clubs abroad, the main reason for the stagnation of conversations previously, ended up being stipulated at a value close to what the club wanted. Representatives of the player, however, believe that the entry of 777 in the negotiations gave more security and confidence to the process.

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

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