pCloud cloud storage gives up to 80% off lifetime plans

There is nothing better to ensure the integrity of an important file than keeping it in a good cloud storage service. Wherever you are, just go online to have all your documents at hand, just as you left them when you last modified them, and with the security of being very well protected.

pCloud, a Swiss cloud storage service, is one of the main solutions for this need with lifetime plans starting at US$122.50. The platform has more than 16 million users worldwide, can be accessed from virtually any device and offers options for all types of consumers, including lifetime versions – pay once and use forever.

Access your files from anywhere with pCloud (Image: Playback/pCloud)

With pCloud, you don’t have to worry about losing important files or creating redundancies, like keeping them available on every device you use. The platform can be accessed through the web or through its own programs, both on the computer (Windows, Linux and macOS) and on the cell phone (Android and iOS).

Built-in media player

However, pCloud does more than make files available from anywhere: the platform also has a video player integrated into the web version and, in the mobile app, a native music player. Your media will be both available and secure on the service, as well as being checked out without the need for additional programs.

Your files, photos and videos available from any internet-connected device (Image: Playback/pCloud)

Share files with ease

In addition to allowing access to files from everywhere, pCloud also makes it easy to share them with friends and family. Users can generate links to specific files and send them to whomever they want, saving the time of granting permissions to colleagues.

pCloud with discount

In celebration of Brazil’s Independence Day, pCloud offers discounts of up to 80% on pCloud Lifetime plans, the platform’s lifetime alternatives. By purchasing this package, the user will be able to use cloud storage forever, without worrying about additional charges. The offer is even valid for the service’s new permanent plan, which offers 10 TB of space for a lifetime.

pCloud offers up to 80% off pCloud Lifetime plans (Image: Playback/pCloud)

Independence Day offerings include:

  • 75% off pCloud Lifetime Premium Plus 2 TB plan
  • 76% off pCloud Lifetime Premium 500GB plan
  • 80% off pCloud Lifetime Custom 10 TB plan

To check out the special promotions for Brazil’s Independence Day, check out the official pCloud website. pCloud promotions will be valid from the 6th of September until the 9th of September.

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