Renato Gaúcho is presented at Grêmio and makes “forecast” for the season

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Tricolor gaúcho is in third place in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, six ahead of the fifth placed Londrina.

Renato Gaúcho, next to President Romildo Bolzan (Photo: Disclosure/Grêmio)
Renato Gaúcho, next to President Romildo Bolzan (Photo: Disclosure/Grêmio)

After about a year and a half, the technician Renato Gaucho returned to command Guild, amid the dispute of Series B of the Brazilian Championship. Tricolor is in third place, with 47 points, six ahead of Londrina, which occupies fifth place. The debut will take place next Sunday (11), at Arena do Grêmio, against Vasco.

This Monday (5), Renato was re-presented in charge of Tricolor, in which he outlined the team’s goal in 2022: “Now there are 10 games to go and the objective is to return to the elite, to return to Serie A. That’s why I’m here. I know 90% of the Grêmio group. I know the club like the back of my hand. I’m sure we’ll work hard so that we can bring joy to the fans, no one else deserves to return to Serie A. That’s the goal”.

The coach also made a prediction about where Grêmio will end up in the Serie B table: “This goal of us coming back brought me back to the club where I practically started the profession. I accepted with the greatest pleasure, in recent months our fan has suffered a lot with the fall, but what we can do is return to Serie A as a Christmas gift. I’m asking for support from the fans. And Grêmio will rise”.

Renato Gaúcho calls up Grêmio fans

“I now call our fans to fill the Arena. The message I send above all is that you embrace the Grêmio group. Be any player on the field. It’s our goal too. Regardless of one or the other who have mistrust. It is with this group that we will return to Serie A.”declared Renato.

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