Ronaldo presents Iron Maiden guitarist with Cruzeiro shirt

Ronaldo presented an Iron Maiden member with shirts from his clubs and Sele
photo: Reproduction Instagram

Ronaldo presented an Iron Maiden member with shirts from his clubs and the Brazilian National Team

Majority member of SAF cruzeirense, Ronaldo presented Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith with shirts from Cruzeiro, Seleo Brasileira and Real Valladolid, Fenmeno’s team in Spain. The meeting between the celebrities took place this Monday (5/9), in So Paulo, and they played a game of tennis.

The post was made on the Instagram of the Academia de Tnis Givaldo Barbosa. In addition to some photos on the court, the moment in which the former striker hands guitarist Adrian Smith the shirts for Cruzeiro, Real Valladolid and Brasil, which is even personalized with the name of Fenmeno, was recorded.

Adrian Smith’s presence in Brazil is due to the turn made by Iron Maiden. The guitarist has been in the country for over a week, as the English band performed in Curitiba on August 27th and in Ribeiro Preto on the 30th.

However, the band’s most anticipated concerts took place in the last few days. On Friday (2/9), Iron Maiden, with the presence of Adrian Smith, performed at Rock in Rio, a famous Rio festival. Two days later, on Sunday (4/9), the musicians played in So Paulo, precisely in Morumbi.

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