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If you’re looking for a mid-range phone with an excellent update policy (to be worth the investment for a long time), the Galaxy A53 5G and A73 5G are great options. In addition, Samsung devices also draw attention for the quad camera and screen worthy of a top of the line. And in these Fast Shop offers, you’ll find the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A73 5G up to 55% off. See how to take advantage.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (Image Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)

Initially, the Galaxy A53 5G was launched for R$3,499, and the Galaxy A73 5G, for R$3,799. But today, it is already possible to find them at retail for R$ 1,900 and R$ 2,430, respectively. However, with the help of findsyou can still improve these values. Using the SMART150 coupon, the exclusive discount for Fast Prime subscribers and the 6% cashback offered by Zoom, you buy the devices:

🤔 Is it worth subscribing to Fast Prime for the exclusive discount?

Fast Prime is a Fast Shop service that, among other benefits, offers exclusive discounts and free (or cheaper) shipping for subscribers. And the value of the most basic subscription plan is R$9.90/month. But it is worth noting that Fast Prime is not a monthly subscription, but an annual one. Then, in practice, you pay R$ 118.80 in 12 installments. Therefore, in order to know whether or not to subscribe, it is necessary to consider two scenarios.

The first is if you just subscribe to Fast Prime to take advantage of the discount on the Galaxy A53 5G or the A73 5G. Without the subscription, they would cost R$1,644 or R$2,142 with the Zoom coupon and cashback, while with it, they cost R$71 to R$112 less. In this case, it’s not worth it, as the savings are less than the subscription price.

The second scenario is if in the next year you intend to make a big purchase. For example, a TV to watch the World Cup. In that case, the situation changes. That’s because Fast Shop prices on more expensive products tend to be competitive. So, chances are great that you can buy your TV there and enjoy the exclusive discount of about 5%. Thus, the extra value saved compensates for the subscription.

Ie: big shopping around? So yes, it might be worth it. Otherwise, the Fast Prime subscription becomes an unnecessary expense.

💰 How to get the 6% cashback offered by Zoom?

Also, another part of the discount on the Galaxy A53 5G and the A73 5G is thanks to the 6% cashback offered by Zoom. Here, the first point of attention is that the cashback amount does not appear on the Fast Shop products page. However, it is made available thanks to the redirection via Zoom on the link of these findings. And the percentage (which is usually updated daily) can be checked on the price comparison website.

Zoom cashback on 06/09/2022 (Image: Playback/Zoom)
Zoom cashback on 06/09/2022 (Image: Playback/Zoom)

But to get 6% of your money back, you need to know how Zoom cashback works. Basically, you need to log in to your Zoom account, and only then, with the same device, buy the Galaxy A53 5G or the Galaxy A73 5G from the Fast Shop. After a maximum of 7 days, the cashback amount should appear as pending in your Zoom wallet. And up to 35 business days after delivery, be available for redemption via Pix.

📱 Is it better to buy Galaxy A53 5G or Galaxy A73 5G?

Comparison: Galaxy A53 vs A73;  which one to buy?  (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
Comparison: Galaxy A53 vs A73; which one to buy? (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

How to buy Galaxy A53 5G or A73 5G with up to 55% off you already know. But if you are still undecided on which one to choose, my main recommendation is to check out the comparison of these two cell phones. Here, I will only briefly summarize the main differences and similarities between them.

Starting with the similarities, Samsung’s intermediaries have promise to update to android 16. That is, you should not need to buy a new cell phone anytime soon. In addition, the AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate are other highlights. Followed by the 5,000 mAh battery, which has been shown to have a excellent autonomy in the tests of technoblog.

Already the main difference is controversial: the processor. While the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G comes equipped with the Snapdragon 778 5G processor (a fan favorite), the Galaxy A53 5G comes with the Exynos 1080. In addition to this “detail”, the photographic set also changes. On the Galaxy A53 5G, the main camera sensor is 64 megapixels, and on the Galaxy A73 5G it is 108 megapixels. However, both deliver positive results for the category.

🔍 Where can I find more deals on cell phones and other products?

TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

Finally, the last tip here could only be one: if the idea of ​​finding more offers like this interests you, join the TB Findings! Joining our groups on Telegram and WhatsApp, you will find that there are always some smart tips on how to save money. Even if it is, for example, not subscribing to a certain service just for the discount, right?

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