São Paulo giant can shell out ‘bargain’ of 13 million reais and close with Pedro Raul, top scorer of the Brasileirão

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Player is the great highlight of Goiás

Corinthians v Goias - Brazilian 2022
© 2022 Getty Images, Getty Images South AmericaCorinthians v Goias – Brazilian 2022

Great scorer of the Brasileirão with 14 goals scored, Pedro Raul will hardly remain in Goiás for 2023. The player belongs to Kashiwa Reysol, from Japan, and is on loan to the Goiás club.

With the Esmeraldino shirt, Pedro has been doing well: in the 39 games in which he played, he has already participated, directly, in 22 goals – there are 21 balls in the nets and a pass to goal. This performance even put him ‘in the crosshairs’ of Tite.

Yesterday, even, Pedro was the great figure of Goiás in the very important victory of Goiás over Santos, in the middle of Vila Belmiro. The player scored the two goals of the team’s victory, the second being a beautiful covering goal.

Pedro Raul at Corinthians?

And this performance, of course, arouses the interest of other clubs, Corinthians being one of them. Jorge Nicola points out that the name of the top scorer has been aired at Timão for 2023 and the club can even close the contract for a very satisfactory value.

That’s because, Kashiwa Reysol, owner of the athlete’s federative rights, would be willing to release him for about 13 million reais. Clubs in Europe also look to Pedro’s football.

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