Search for a person from their profile picture in their Google account

Google Lens is a search tool offered by Google that provides results from photos. For example, if you don’t remember the origin of a particular painting or drawing, you can quickly find out by functionality. However, finding out about the status of public figures or friends may be an option.

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Search for images in browser

1st Step: go to the Google homepage and in the right corner click on the camera icon.

2nd Step: attach any photo you want to explore the content and automatically the results will appear.

3rd Step: make sure the search is in the ”Search” category or change it to the desired field.

Google Lens is not only available in the Chrome browser, however, even in official support the function is usually hidden, so check out the extension.

Perform searches from Google Photos

1st Step: open your Google Photos gallery and note in the saved images which one you want to use in the search.

2nd Step: click on the image and drag it up, selecting ”Search inside this photo” and then click on the ”Search” button.

3rd Step: when you see the results page, swipe up again so that they are all more visible.

Results can be affected by the amount of data available on the internet about the person. Still, there are other applications that meet specific requirements and perform parameterized searches, such as Sherlock, available for mobile devices. android and iOS. and TinEye, on the web. When using any tool for the purpose of stalking, remember to do so with consideration for the privacy of others.

Also, as mentioned, the photo reading engine helps you find objects you want to find to buy. Therefore, use images that are legible and consider saving similar figures that appear.

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