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Image of the mysterious flight on the FlightRadar24 website
Image from FlightRadar24 points to the crash site of the Cessna aircraft (photo: FlightRadar24)

A private Cessna jet crashed on Sunday (04/09) under mysterious circumstances in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Latvia. Debris and fuel were found at the scene.

The trajectory of the aircraft, which would have four people on board, began in southern Spain with destination to the German city of Cologne. But along the way, it changed its route towards the Baltic Sea and, therefore, began to be followed by planes from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military alliance led by the United States.

According to NATO pilots and Swedish authorities, during the approach it was not possible to see anyone in the cockpit of the private aircraft.

“Air traffic controllers were unable to communicate with the aircraft crew,” Latvia’s Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement about the incident. According to the agency, the Cessna 551 was registered in Austria, but the aircraft’s owner was in Spain.

According to the website FlightRadar24, which monitors flight data around the world, the plane took off from the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera at 8:56 am (Brasilia time) and almost five hours later began to lose speed and altitude.

The German newspaper Bild claims that the aircraft’s crew reported pressurization problems shortly after takeoff. But radio contact was lost shortly after the aircraft left Spanish airspace.

In addition to jets from NATO countries that followed the aircraft, rescue teams from Latvia, Sweden and Lithuania were also mobilized towards the crash site, near the city of Ventspils (Latvia).

Lars Antonsson, leader of the Swedish rescue teams, told the AFP news agency that the aircraft crashed when it ran out of fuel and that no human remains have been located so far. “The chances of locating survivors are slim.”

Antonsson also said he had “no explanation” for the incident, and that “it remains to be speculated”, but “the people on board would clearly be incapacitated in these (pressure loss) conditions”.

There is no official information on who would be on board the aircraft, but the German press reported that the four occupants were the pilot and a family (a father, a mother and their daughter) as yet unidentified.

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