What is the nationality of a baby born during a flight?

Nweke Ifeoma, Nigerian, became a mother during a flight between Manchester and Istanbul. The crew took over the task of delivering the baby and the plane was diverted to Vienna, according to Turkish media reports.

After landing, mother and baby were taken to a hospital. But what happens to a baby born during a flight?

What nationality?

If born while flying over Brazil, the child is registered in the city the plane was flying over at that time. On flights outside Brazil, there are different rules.

“Children of Brazilians born on Brazilian aircraft anywhere in the world can be registered as Brazilian citizens”, says Marcelo Ceriotti, director of the SNA (National Union of Aeronauts), who also recalls that Brazil recognizes the plane operated from the country as its territorial extension.

In some countries, such as the United States, anyone born in their territory can be registered as a citizen of that country. In summary, it is possible to recognize the citizenship of the baby who was born on board according to the criteria of the parents’ nationality or the territory where he was born, depending on the country where this took place.

That is why it is important that the captain makes the record in the ship’s book properly and with as much information as possible, precisely so that there are no doubts about how the record should be made.

Is flight delivery dangerous?

If there is no time to land or the delivery does not present major complications and the child is born on board, a series of administrative measures must be taken by the pilots.

“If the baby was born during the flight within the national territory, the captain writes down in the logbook the geographical coordinate, the time of birth and other data that he deems relevant to determine the exact place where it happened”, says Ceriotti.

Subsequently, these notes are taken to the registry office of the city where the landing took place so that the proper records are made.

lifetime flight

In 2020, a baby was born aboard an EgyptAir flight from Cairo (Egypt) bound for London (England). Informed that the mother had gone into labor, the pilots chose to divert the plane to make a landing in Munich (Germany), but there was no time, and the child came into the world during the flight.

As a result, the airline gave the child a lifetime air ticket, and he will be able to fly on any line operated by EgyptAir for the rest of his life.

In 2015, a baby was born aboard a flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles (USA). As he was already on United States territory, the child was considered a citizen of that country.

Accused of lying about which week of pregnancy she was, the mother was deported, and the child was placed in the custody of that country’s social services, as she had the condition of being a US citizen.

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