Who is Hailey Bieber’s mom? Celebrity is the daughter of a Brazilian

Justin Bieber’s wife has an old relationship with Brazil. Hailey Bieber’s mother, Kennya Deodato, is Brazilian and the daughter of Eumir Deodato, a famous pianist. The model even has a tattoo in honor of the state of Minas Gerais and two more words that refer to our country.

Mom Hailey Bieber is from Minas Gerais

Hailey Bieber’s mother is Kennya Deodato. The Brazilian is 54 years old, is a designer and came from a family of artists – she is the daughter of Eumir Deodato, pianist, arranger and music producer. The musician was part of the Bossa Nova movement in the 1960s before moving to the United States, where he worked with big names including Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra.

Kennya has been married for over 20 years to actor Stephen Baldwin, who has been in more than 40 American films. Stephen is the brother of actor Alec Baldwin, known for being part of the cast of the series 30 Rock, well known in the United States. The Brazilian and her husband are parents to model Hailey Baldwin Bieber, 25, and actress Alaia Baldwin, 29.

With a Brazilian mother, Hailey knows the country’s culture well and even paid tributes in the form of a tattoo. The famous wrote ‘Minas Gerais’ on her ankle, the word ‘beauty’ on her neck and ‘people’ on the side of her hip.

The model has also shown on her social networks a Christmas dinner with her family, including feijoada and brigadeiro. He has already appeared singing a lullaby in Portuguese that he learned from his grandmother and understands some words of our language. In 2020, the famous paid tribute to her mother and wrote in the caption “I love you with all my heart” in Portuguese.

Hailey, who came to Brazil this weekend to accompany her husband Justin Bieber at Rock in Rio, took the opportunity to show her love for the country again. The model shared some records wearing a Brazilian team t-shirt and photos of brigadeiro, beijinho, guarana soda, feijoada and cheese bread. “I love you Brazil 🥹🫶🏼 I’ll be back soon I promise,” she wrote.

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Hailey bieber and mother kennya deodato baldwin (left); model has a tattoo in honor of the state of Minas Gerais – photo: reproduction/instagram/@haileybieber

How long did Hailey and Justin date?

Justin and Hailey Bieber are one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. Despite having been married for three years, the two have known each other since 2009, but only started dating years later.

The singer and model met when they were still pre-teens – Justin was 14 years old and Hailey was just eleven. The two were backstage on The Today Show, at the time the musician was starting to become successful in the United States. Two years later, they appeared together on the red carpet of the movie Never Say Never, but only as friends.

At the time, the singer was dating singer Selena Gomez, with whom he had an on-and-off relationship. In one of these breakups, in 2014, the star published on his Instagram a photo with Hailey and another friend, generating rumors that the two would be together.

In 2015, the beauty spent the holidays alongside Justin and his family, fueling even more gossip. It was only in 2016 that they assumed that there was something between them, but the confirmation of the relationship only came in 2018, when Hailey said that in recent years the two have been estranged – it is worth remembering that in 2017, Justin was seen one last time alongside Selena Gomez.

In July 2018, Justin proposed to Hailey. The two were married in an intimate ceremony on September 30, 2019. The model took her husband’s name and changed her last name Baldwin to Bieber.

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