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Harrison Ford had played the principal of Elliot’s school in ET The Extraterrestrial

ET The Extraterrestrial (1982) is one of the most iconic science fiction and adventure films in film history, with cameos from the likes of Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas and C. Thomas Howell. However, production led by Steven Spielberg would have a famous appearance that was cut: Harrison Fordinterpreter of Han Solo in the movies of Star Wars.

the role of Ford in the feature would be brief: he played the principal of the school in which the protagonist, Elliot (Henry Thomas), study. The plot follows the boy in the discovery of a mysterious alien in the corn plants near his house. Then, Elliott discovers how it shares a telepathic connection with the extraterrestrial.

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Some day, ET lounging around the house while drinking beer and watching television. Because of the telepathic connection, Elliott gets under the influence of alcohol and starts releasing the frogs in biology class – to complete the “chaos,” the protagonist kisses a girl after the alien watches John Wayne kiss Maureen O’Hara in after the gale (1952). Due to undisciplined behavior, Elliott is sent to the director’s office, lived by Harrison Ford.

It is worth remembering that the face of Ford he never appears, but you can recognize the star by his voice. Also, he makes the gesture of pointing angrily at Elliot. Furthermore, Melissa Mathison (girlfriend at the time and ex-wife now) was a screenwriter for ET The Extraterrestrial.

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Why Steven Spielberg “cut” Harrison Ford from ET The Extraterrestrial?

The public would definitely love to see Harrison Ford appear in ET The Extraterrestrial after success in Star Wars. However, the justification for removing an actor from the final cut makes a lot of sense. According to information from CBR, Spielberg believed how Ford’s cameo would stray from focus and become distracting.

Even with the fact that the actor was removed from the film, Henry Thomas was delighted to see Ford on the film set. “That was a big day for me. Harrison Ford was my hero,” he said during an interview.

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