Why was the series cancelled?

The five seasons of the queen of the south are currently available on Netflix. Since it premiered in 2016, the series starring Brazilian Alice Braga has become one of the favorite productions of fans. Adapting a Mexican version, the series expanded the universe and took the character to soar higher than the original.

the queen of the south revolves around Teresa Mendoza. The young woman who, since she was a child, was poor and learned to fend for herself, including financially. So when her drug dealer boyfriend is killed, she leaves as a refugee for the United States.

But, upon arriving in American territory, Teresa is still trying to win in her own way. With that, she forms new alliances, and decides to unseat an influential criminal. The following events in the series show the character taking over the head of a powerful drug cartel.

With a convincing plot and the leading role of Alice Braga, the series became the most watched drama of the channel that produces it, USA Network. In addition, whenever a season is updated on Netflix, the series is among the most watched. Therefore, fans question whether the 6th season of the queen of the south will happen. Well, see what we know.

The 6th season of the queen of the south

Cutting to the chase, Season 6 of the queen of the south will not happen. Although the series is shown in Brazil by Netflix, the reason for this is not part of the service, but a decision of the USA Network channel. In mid-2021, while the series was on hiatus for its fifth season, the network announced that this would be the show’s final season.

The decision took both fans and producers by surprise. However, as the series was at a standstill in production – due to the pandemic – the creators had enough time to finish the plot. The announcement of the finale was made through a trailer, in the social networks of the series.

To Deadline, executive producers Dailyn Rodriguez, Ben Lobato and David Friendly spoke about the finale of the queen of the south.

“We could not be more proud of the entire cast and crew who have joined us on this magnificent journey. The series began filming in Mexico City and took us to as far away as Malta and Colombia and finally landed in New Orleans. We can’t wait to share the explosive final season with our dedicated fans. And, of course, we couldn’t have done this show without the talented and tireless Alice Braga, who brought our queen to life.”

However, much is questioned as to why the series came to an end. For a long time, the drama was USA Network’s most-watched production. Although the fourth season saw a 20% drop in viewership, that’s not the main reason.

The big reason for the 6th season of the queen of the south not happen is that, the channel decided to drastically change direction. That is, they are moving away from scripted series. That way, productions of this genre will go directly to Peacock and the channel’s content will be focused on non-scripted productions. According to the channel, this attracts a larger audience.

The end of Season 5 of the queen of the south

The Queen of the South will have Season 6
Image: Publicity/USA Network

Season five is full of twists. The episodes have tragedies, betrayals and a little romance. However, we have to go back to the source episode. In this one, which aired in 2016, it begins with a flash-forward scene showing Teresa living a glamorous life financed by her drug empire. That is, until she is shot and supposedly killed in her home.

throughout the rest of the queen of the south, viewers have this scene in their heads, and the show’s fifth season has a responsibility to address that long-awaited ending. Well, it does, but it also manages to surprise everyone. In the penultimate episode of Season 5, Teresa meets this fate, dying at the hands of her lover, James.

This is a harrowing revelation, as it seems safe to say that most fans of the show are rooting for James and Teresa to end up happily together. Devon orders James to kill Teresa, and after proving the job is done, he sets out to save his own skin.

Despite his betrayal, James still doesn’t want Devon to take over Teresa’s business, making him a threat. Add to that Pot, Vengeful and we have an intense showdown in the queen of the south. After Pote cremates Teresa and leaves for Mexico to scatter her ashes, he ends up being imprisoned for three years, but even that doesn’t stop his plan to exact revenge and take down the men behind Teresa’s death.

Meanwhile, Kelly Anne is trying her best to survive and find her way back to Pot.

How does Teresa get back?

Of course not even James can break up with Teresa. The final episode of the series shows just how smart the protagonist really is. Prior to her alleged murder, Teresa devises a plan with Pote, Kelly Ann and James to fake her death and convince everyone else that she is gone.

While Pote’s arrest is unlikely to be part of the plan in the queen of the south, they manage to join it. Porte takes revenge on the villain Boaz before reuniting with the other members in a beautiful remote paradise. The series ends with Teresa and James together and in love.

Meanwhile, Pote and Kally Ann are reunited with their daughter, Lena, and everything is peaceful and happy. However, the biggest message of the series finale is addressed by the story of two versions of Teresa. Eventually, the character begins to see the emotionless, self-focused version, dressed all in white.

It’s almost like a ghost and Teresa’s vision often appears in key moments of everything she goes through and what she becomes because of it. Although the queen of the south, don’t end Teresa’s death from a gunshot wound, the message is that “old Teresa” is dead. The series ends with the character saying:

“She was killed by me, a money changer from Culiacán, who defied all odds to survive. They said prison or death were my only options. But what do they know? I chose life.”

Final almost “forced” season 6 of the queen of the south

Will the Queen of the South have a Season 6?
Image: Publicity/USA Network

Before it was announced that Season 5 would be the last, the showrunners weren’t sure if they would have more time – or not – to explore Teresa’s story. Unfortunately, it was decided that the 6th season of the queen of the south would not happen. Still, they managed to present a conclusive ending to the characters.

However, some fans still question what could have happened from then on to Teresa and James. Also, what could the other characters be doing on their beach paradise. Such an answer was given by showrunners Benjamin Lobato and Dailyn Rodriguez, in an interview with Deadline.

According to them, the choice not to kill Devon was purposeful and would serve as a loose end for a possible Season 6. So, it would be up in the air whether or not he really believes Teresa is dead. As they failed to extend the series, fans will have to wonder what could have happened.

Furthermore, Lobato and Rodriguez stated that if season 6 of the queen of the south Had it happened, Teresa and James would certainly have had a “family moment”. Rodriguez stated:

“I think these past few years, while Pote has been in prison, I think what they’ve been doing is trying to figure out who they really are, without death constantly looming over them.”

What to watch from now on?

As the series will not have new seasons, the ideal is for fans to look for new alternatives. Therefore, we have separated a list with good productions that, at some point, resemble the the queen of the south, to watch today. All series below are available on Netflix.

  1. La Reina del Sur (Original Mexican Version);
  2. Senora Acero;
  3. narcos;
  4. The Trafficking Queen;
  5. The last dragon.

So, would you like Season 6 of the queen of the south?

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