Will WhatsApp stop working? See which devices will NOT have the messenger app anymore

Yes, support for WhatsApp will stop working soon! But calm down, it will only be on some devices. This is expected to happen from October 24 this year. So, be careful that you don’t lose the messenger features on your device.

According to Meta, the company responsible for the application, updating the messenger will be incompatible with older operating systems. Want to know which smartphones are included in this list? Follow the matter.

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WhatsApp support will stop working on some devices

WhatsApp Support will stop working for iOS 10 and iOS 11 soon. As said, as of October 24, 2022, the messenger will no longer work on iPhones running these versions of the system. The incompatibility can even be worked around by updating the device to a newer OS version, but this is not possible on very old models such as the iPhone 5 (2012) and iPhone 5c (2013).

Therefore, the only alternative to continue using WhatsApp is to buy a new cell phone. But it’s not just these devices that are included in this list. That’s because smartphones with the Android System will also lose the feature.

With the change, iOS 12, released in 2020, or a newer version on the iPhone is now required to run WhatsApp. On Google’s system, the minimum version remains Android 4.1 from 2012. Furthermore, it’s unclear whether the incompatibility will stop the app working on older devices; but it is likely to happen. Therefore, it is good to look for solutions to the problem before the deadline arrives.

Finally, by ending support for older operating systems, WhatsApp will gain more space to implement new functions in the app. It is possible that the structure of these editions does not have the necessary resources for the implementation of new developments.

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Meta brings news to the app

WhatsApp users are already receiving new features on the platform that allow them to react to messages with emojis, or to leave the “sneaky” group. The novelty was announced and is now being released gradually for the Android and iOS versions of the app.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that if you want to have the functionality available as soon as possible on your WhatsApp, just update it.

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