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Nintendo Switch is a Nintendo portable console launched in 2017, but which officially arrived in Brazil only in 2020. As a portable option in a market dominated by chunky consoles, the Switch managed to conquer a considerable niche of people. In addition to the practicality factor, the video game was also successful for providing exclusive heavyweight games, such as the Mário Bros. and Zelda. However, even though it is known for being a portable console, there are some functions of the Nintendo Switch that many users forget to use. Check out eight device features.

It is worth mentioning that, currently, the Nintendo Switch has three different models. There is the standard version, which has the option to connect to the dock, the Switch Lite, an even more portable option on the console, but without detachable Joy-Cons and dock connection, in addition to OLED, with a bigger and better screen. Therefore, some of the features in this list do not apply to the lite version.

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The Nintendo Switch has three different models and all have functions that can make everyday life easier — Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

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Waiting for the joycons to have some button to activate the Nintendo Switch screen is basic. Now, what many don’t know is that it’s possible to configure the console so that when you press the power button on the Switch, the TV also turns on.

The TV turn on function can help in those days when the user cannot find the TV control at all. It is worth mentioning that the function is only present on the standard Nintendo Switch and OLED. This is because the Lite version of the console does not support dock connection.

On the standard Nintendo Switch, it is possible to configure the console to turn on the TV where the dock is connected — Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

2. Change the purchase region (and save)

Although some consoles are strict with the region of the accounts, the same is not true for Nintendo models. Therefore, it is possible to change the user’s region to search for better prices. The Switch developer is not known for its discounts, however, the user being able to move between regions to find better prices can be a good option. To change, simply go to your profile on Nintendo’s official website and click to edit account information and change country.

In fact, there are sites on the Internet that help in this search. They aggregate the prices of the most different regions and indicate several options for cheaper prices than in Brazil. If the user knows how to combine a well-done search with the function of changing the purchase region, it is possible to save considerable amounts on Nintendo Switch.

3. Find the lost Joy-Cons

In the standard version of the Switch, the Joy-Cons are detachable — Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

Also in the standard and OLED versions, the Joy-Cons, device controls, are detachable. Therefore, it is possible that the user forgets where he left one of his accessories at some point. But, in this case, the Switch has the great function of helping to locate the lost Joy-Con, despite being possible to use only one of them to play.

So, even if you happen to lose one of the controls, the headache will not be so much with the function of locating it. In the Nintendo Switch controllers section, indicate which one has been lost. By holding down the requested button on the remaining Joy-con, the other will vibrate loud and clear until the user finds the device.

4. The news app

In the news tab, you can stay on top of Nintendo news — Photo: Reproduction/Igor Oliveira

For those who are fans of Nintendo and want to stay on top of all the news of the company, a simple button click on the Switch can help in this mission. That’s because the console has a news tab, where official Nintendo releases and news published in recent times are. This is a great feature to even be able to schedule for future releases.

Games on sale, games that will be released and expansion packs are some of the items present in the news app, which is present in the Switch Menu.

One thing that can annoy many gamers out there is the fact of having to manually enter login or payment information through the joysticks of the video game controllers. However, for the Switch, a simple USB keyboard does the trick.

As long as the console is not being used in the dock, just plug your keyboard into the input and it will be automatically recognized by Nintendo Switch. It is worth mentioning that the peripheral will only work for writing functions, so it cannot be used to play console games.

6. Map status in games

It is possible to follow the progress and information about the Switch games — Photo: Reproduction/Igor Oliveira

Simply put, Nintendo Switch users can map their gaming status. If you’re not sure how many hours have been spent on a game, just access your Nintendo profile on the console to check the current progress with the games that have already been played on that account.

In addition, at the end of the year, just as Spotify does with users’ music habits, Nintendo does with player profiles. That is, around December the company creates its own website where Nintendo Switch users can access detailed data on their gaming habits. The process is called “Nintendo Switch year in review”.

Although apps like Discord have taken over group communication, the native voice chat option is still present on Nintendo Switch. For those looking for a more direct option, using the console’s own system can be a good choice. That’s because it is possible to use this voice chat to communicate without having to download third-party applications.

Still, you need to download the free Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone. After downloading from the user’s preferred digital store, just perform the synchronization configuration with the console account and it will be ready to use.

The Switch’s screen lock helps in battery saving — Photo: Reproduction/Igor Oliveira

It may sound simple, but the Nintendo Switch screen lock feature makes all the difference. To maintain considerable battery life for the console, it is possible to set the lock so that the screen automatically turns off after some time in standby.

In addition, there is also the possibility to let the Nintendo Switch unlock the screen only after three taps on the same button. This feature helps users who carry the console in backpacks or similar objects. With this setup, there is no risk of the Switch unlocking the screen with accidental touches.

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