Apple Watch Series 8 launches with temperature sensor

At an event held on Wednesday afternoon (7), Apple finally announced the long-awaited Apple Watch Series 8, an update to the Cupertino company’s famous line of smart watches. The gadget was revealed with a temperature sensor and car crash detector.

For the Watch Series 8, Apple hasn’t made any major changes to the look. Essentially we have a carcass very similar to its predecessor. The watch case has not gained new sizes and continues with a well-rounded edge design.

The user can choose the model with two different construction types: stainless steel or aluminum. The aluminum version comes in black, white, red and silver; while the steel variant has only silver and graphite options. The model also has protection against water, dust and accidental drops.

Apple Watch Series 8New Apple Watch Series 8 and its colors.

Apple Watch with temperature sensor

The Apple Watch Series 8 will still have a long-awaited tool for fans of the brand: temperature sensor. Now, the smartwatch will be able to detect whether or not the user has a fever, but it will not be possible to know exactly what their body temperature is like. In addition, the classic pressure gauges, blood oxygenation level, electrocardiogram, and sleep monitoring are back.

One of the highlights was the changes to the menstrual cycles tool, which is now smarter and with greater data protection regarding women’s privacy. The feature makes use of the temperature sensor.

Watch Series 8 now has a car accident detection mode. For this, a new accelerometer and gyroscope have been added to detect front, side, rear crashes and even rollover.

For those on the go, the classic physical activity modes have been improved and are still compatible with the Apple Fitness+ app, with a variety of different modalities and exercises to train.

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