Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s Old Hollywood Film, Gets First Photos

Paramount Pictures has finally released the first images of the feature Babylon from the principal Damien Chazelle.

starring Brad Pitt and Margot Robbiethe feature will take place in old Hollywood, in the 1920s, and follow the transition from silent to talkies.

Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s Old Hollywood Film, Announces New Castings

In the film’s plot, we will follow a pair of characters (Robbie and Pitt) who live and work in the film industry that goes through the transformation from silent films to talkies. As we see in the Vanity Fair story below, Pitt plays Jack Conrad, a mega-star in the John Gilbert and Clark Gable that begins to wonder what else lies ahead. And Robbie will play Nellie LaRoy, an aspiring actress and new to Hollywood, and inspired by the artists. Clara Bow and John Crawford.

Most of the characters in the film are created for the film.

complete the list Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man franchise), Jean Smart (Hacks), Olivia Wilde, Jovan Adepo (A Boundary Between Us), Li Jun Li (from the series quantum), Max Minghella and Diego Calva (from the series Narcos: Mexico)

Babylon arrives in national cinemas in January 2023.

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