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O box hasapplication created by Federal Savings Bank, has been increasingly used by Brazilians. Several benefits are available through the social savings account, such as the Brazil aidextraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS and others.

In addition to receiving the amounts, the application also allows for withdrawals, transfers, balance and statement consultation, bill payment and internet purchases. The users of box has can withdraw up to BRL 1,200 per day.

How to open a Caixa Tem account?

The social savings account was created in 2020, during the pandemic, to release payments from the Emergency Aid. After the end of the benefit, other social programs were included in the application. Therefore, only Brazilians who receive any of the allowances can register for Caixa Tem.

It is not necessary to be a Caixa customer to register. Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to install the app below:

  • Download the Caixa Tem APP on your device (available for Android and iOS);
  • Once installed, click on “Login”;
  • Select the “New User” option;
  • Then, the application will request personal documents, such as CPF and RG and send a current photo. After this phase, the registration is carried out.

How to transfer money in the app?

The procedure is quite simple. Just access the app and, on the home screen, click on “Transfer money”. Then, fill in the bank details of the person who will receive, the amount to be transferred and finalize. Remembering that the transfer can also be carried out via PIX.

How to make payments?

To make payments through box has, click on the “Pay Your Bills” tab. Then, choose between scanning the barcode with your phone’s camera or typing. Once this is done, finalize the payment using your password and confirming your data.

Withdrawal without card

One of the app’s differentials is the withdrawal without the physical card. The user can generate a code valid for up to 1 hour and go in person to an institution’s ATM or a lottery unit to withdraw the values.

To withdraw the amounts, access the “Withdraw without card” option. Then, a code will be issued for the user to present at the ATM or to the attendant. Finally, choose the amount to be redeemed and complete the action. It is worth remembering that withdrawals are only allowed at Caixa Econômica ATMs and lottery outlets.

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