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Few people know, but there are some apps that can ban you from WhatsApp forever. This means that your account will be blocked and unusable. Want to know what apps these are? So, follow along.

We brought you a list of these apps that, in general, are software to make changes within the original platform. But not only that. They can also offer extra features that the messenger does not. See below.

See the reasons and keep an eye out so you don’t lose your account. (Photo: iStock).

List of apps that can ban you from WhatsApp

Below, see the list of apps that can ban you from WhatsApp forever. For security reasons, do not install any of them on your phone.

  • WhatsApp Plus;
  • GB WhatsApp;
  • Fouad WhatsApp;
  • OBWhatsApp;
  • Any other WhatsApp mod app.

In short, all these “little programs” will get you banned from the messenger forever, with no recourse. So it’s better to keep an eye out. But, don’t stop there. There are also other reasons that could do this to your account.

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Other reasons that can make you lose your messenger account


That’s right! If you go 120 days without using your messenger, your account will be banned. In other words, spending 4 months away from the app is enough to get banned. However, the company notifies the user before canceling his presence within the app. Furthermore, all files will remain stored for the user to request if necessary.

Blocks in a row

If within 24 hours an account receives numerous simultaneous blocks, that is, at the same time, WhatsApp can ban that person for good. If this happens, the company allows the blocked user to appeal.


The famous “Spam” can also make you lose your account. For those who don’t know, Spam is the name given to sending the same message to many contacts at once. This is one of the most common rules that lead to being, in fact, banned from WhatsApp.

fake news

Spreading fake news is also a reason to lose your messenger account. The action is based on constant complaints from other people.


Finally, know that offending other users and using words prohibited by the company can also result in the person’s permanent ban.

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