Courteney Cox has the BEST reaction after Kanye West claims “Friends” isn’t funny; watch!

It seems that Courteney Cox didn’t like a post that Kanye West shared in the last few days on his social networks, criticizing the series “Friends”. This Tuesday (6), the star of the comedy classic paid in kind and made a video pinning the rapper on his Instagram.

Kanye’s beef with Central Perk-going friends began in 2020, when fellow protagonist Jennifer Aniston urged fans not to vote for Kanye for the presidency of the United States. “It’s not funny to vote for Kanye. I don’t know what else to say. Please be responsible”she asked.

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The star’s response would have come on his Twitter, with a post saying that the NBC series was not funny. However, last Sunday (4), West posted a print on his networks claiming to have been a victim of fake news. In the caption, the stylist wrote that someone faked some of his texts, including the tweet in which he said he didn’t like the hit comedy. “I know you’re going to be disappointed, but I didn’t actually write the text that said ‘Friends’ isn’t funny either.’ I wish I had written. I would love to know who thought of it.”said the ex of Kim Kardashian.

Screenshot 2022 09 06 At 21.28.31
In a lengthy caption, the rapper explained that he really doesn’t like the sitcom. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)
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The statement caught the attention of Monica Geller’s interpreter, who recorded a video to respond to the star. In the reels, Courteney is fiddling with her cell phone and listening to “Heartless,” one of the musician’s most successful songs, when she comes across West’s post. Disgusted, she pauses the music and walks away. In the caption, Cox also did not let it go and said: “I bet old Kanye thought ‘Friends’ was funny”. The joke is a reference to the rapper’s own song “I Love Kanye”, in which he compares the “old Kanye” to the “new Kanye”. Watch:

In the comments, fans took the side of the actress and said that they are also not happy with the latest pronouncements of the father of North West. “Kanye insulted Taylor Swift too, so never believe him”recalled one user about the moment in which the rapper interrupted the singer during the VMA awards, in 2009. Another even joked that he thinks “Friends” is funnier than West’s songs.

Screenshot 2022 09 06 At 21.50.07
The publication of the actress pumped comments criticizing the rapper. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)
Screenshot 2022 09 06 At 21.51.08
Other users used West’s own phrase against him. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

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