Dutch city first in the world to ban meat advertising

Haarlem will apply ban from 2024 because of climate impact; Opposition says decision is ‘dictatorial’

Pixabay/Guilherme Teixeira GuilhermimDutch city bans meat advertising
Haarlem in the Netherlands is the first to ban meat advertising

The city of Haarlem in Netherlands is about to ban meat advertising in public spaces for the sake of the environment and become the first in the world to carry out such a ban. The measure is not immediate, it will take effect in 2024. Meat is very harmful to the environment. We cannot tell people that there is a climate crisis and encourage them to buy products that are part of it,” Ziggy Klazes, a GroenLinks councilor who drafted the proposal, said in an interview with the newspaper Trouw. According to data from the United Nations, livestock generates more than 14% of all man-made greenhouse gases. The proposal was drafted by GroenLinks – a green political party – and faced complications from opposition from the meat industry and those who claim it stifles free speech. “Banning advertising on political grounds is almost dictatorial,” declared BVNL councilor Joey Rademaker. “The authorities are going too far in telling people what is best for them,” said a spokesman for the Central Meat Industry Organization. According to Statistics Netherlands, 95% of Dutch people eat meat, but more than half do not eat it every day.

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