“Error Succession”; Lisca does not run away from reality and points out those responsible for the defeat of Santos to Goiás


Coach exposed conversation with João Paulo about a move in which the goalkeeper was covered up

Photo: Reproduction SANTOS TV
Photo: Reproduction SANTOS TV

Last Monday (6th), the saints hosted Goiás at Vila Belmiro and suffered their first home defeat under command of Lisca. The 2-1 result made Peixe lose a position in the table and stay in tenth place. Commander Alvinegro gave a press conference and began to analyze the defeat, exposing the team’s initial hesitation.

“The match started with 1×0 practically for Goiás. We took the goal early with Pedro and Dadá, although we are already aware of this type of play. Then we tried in every way, we went up, we attacked, we had several chances to score, Tadeu was also having a good night”, explained the coach.

Subsequently, Lisca emphasized the team’s delivery, however, admitted that there was some accommodation after the draw and that Santos paid for the inefficiency: “We got the draw, we sat in the game and made mistakes once again. Goiás took three kicks and scored two goals. We try, we seek, we fight with all our strength. Luan came in well, the people who came in fought like hell, but it wasn’t our night and we weren’t effective. We created the chances and were not effective”, he pointed out.

Goiás’ second goal came shortly after the tie, in a move that caught goalkeeper João Paulo off guard. In advance, the archer the Fish can do nothing to avoid being covered up. João Paulo even said that he was to blame for the defeat, in an interview, however, Lisca insisted on not individualizing responsibilities.

“It was a succession of mistakes. When you make a mistake and the opponent knows how to take advantage, the account gets heavy. João is not to blame, we are all to blame. Football is collective, individuality errs, but we all assume when we win and lose. We spoke to João in the dressing room, he was angry, upset, but he is a great goalkeeper and in his opinion he could have been better positioned. It will serve his career and ours as well so that this does not happen again”, declared Lisca.

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