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Palmeiras was eliminated by Athletico-PR from the Libertadores semifinal in the middle of Allianz Parque and said goodbye to the dream of a third consecutive championship. After the match, however, coach Abel Ferreira complained a lot about the referee’s performance. Verdão questions the non-expulsion of a player from the Hurricane in the first half and a possible penalty not scored in the final stage.

The most demanded bid by the Palmeiras was the non-expulsion of Alex Santana for the alleged elbow on Rony in the first half. “I would like the referee to go inside (the locker room) to talk to my players, that’s all. If VAR saw what I saw, it’s the first time in history I’ve seen a yellow card for an aggression. But I won’t dwell on that. I’ve never seen yellow for aggression. Our expulsion I think is fair. The criteria… Feeling is revolt. It’s what we feel. That’s it”, shot Abel Ferreira in a post-game press conference.

An ESPN camera, however, caught the play involving Rony and Alex Santana in the Palmeiras area before the corner kick from another angle. Due to the inverted image, it is not possible to elbow the Palmeiras striker.

ESPN refereeing commentator Leonardo Gaciba assessed referee Esteban Ostojich’s decision to only apply the yellow card as correct.

“Looking at the broadcast image, from the front, you get the impression that Alex Teixeira elbowed him. The referee ended up issuing a yellow card. But the inverted image with a magnifying glass shows that there was no elbow from Alex Santana. In fact, he raises his arm, which passes in front of Ron’s face. For me, the correct attitude of the referee. It was just a yellow card,” he explained.

Abel Ferreira sees Palmeiras harmed:

Palmeiras needed a two-goal victory to advance, and they even got the result during the second half. However, with one player less, Verdão could not hold the advantage and conceded the tie by 2 to 2.

In the press conference after the elimination, coach Abel Ferreira harshly criticized the performance of the refereeing team during the game. The Palmeiras coach stated that there was direct interference in the result of the confrontation.

“What I can say is that my players need to be at peace. About suspicions, it’s you (reporter), not me. I have no idea if there are intentions, but you saw it as I saw it. Two teams hit each other very well. Congratulations to Athletico, but there was a team that was not at the level of the two teams, and had a direct influence on the result”, he evaluated.

“I believe they are mistakes, we are all human and we certainly make mistakes. They cost a lot. Has direct interference in club organizations. The way it was, it’s tough. Atuesta’s last foul, which the assistant said was offside. On the last move he (referee) didn’t even see the corner. There are days like that, and today the referee had a bad day. I can’t believe in anything else”, added Abel Ferreira.

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