Exclusive ESPN image shows that Alex Santana didn’t elbow Rony in Palmeiras x Athletico-PR; see Gaciba’s bid and analysis

Athletico-PR looked for a 2-2 with Palmeiras and advanced to the final of Conmebol Libertadores after a hot game at Allianz Parque

The classification of Atletico-PR for the end of CONMEBOL Libertadores after the 2-2 with Palmeiras, last Tuesday (6), at Allianz Parque, generated controversy. On the alviverde side, a lot of complaints about an alleged elbow from Alex Santana in Ron, still in the first stage. An exclusive image of ESPN shows that the bid, however, was clean.

The video above, with a special magnifying glass, shows that the Hurricane player did not hit the striker alviverde. Arbitration commentator for Disney channels, Leonardo Gaciba analyzed the controversy of the confrontation, said that Santana only raised his arm and did not hit the Palmeiras athlete’s face.

“This disagreement between Alex Santana and Rony, looking at the broadcast image, it looks like Alex Santana gave an elbow, which would have hit Rony in the face. The referee ended up giving him a yellow card. But our exclusive image, with a magnifying glass, in detail , from another angle, shows that there was no elbow from Alex Santana. He raises his arm, which passes in front of Rony’s face”, explained Gaciba, to finish.

“For me, the correct attitude of the referee to apply only the yellow card”, he added.

On the field, Palmeiras reached 2-0, a score that put the team in the 3rd final of Libertadores in a row. Gustavo Scarpa and Gustavo Gómez opened the scoring and ignited Allianz Parque. However, the Hurricane was brave and sought a draw. Paulo Turra activated Pablo and saw the striker decrease minutes after his entry.

In the 40th minute of the second half, Terans risked a shot from outside the area and saw the ball deflect on Piquerez before killing goalkeeper Weverton. With 2-2 on the scoreboard and 3-2 on aggregate due to the 1-0 victory at Arena da Baixada, Athletico-PR returned to a Libertadores decision after 17 years.

The opponent on October 29, in Guayaquil, will leave the duel Flamengo x Velez Sarsfieldwhich takes place this Wednesday (7), at 21:30, with transmission by ESPN at the Star+. The Cariocas won by 4 to 0 in Argentina and advance even with a defeat by three goals of difference.

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