Fears grow over Cara Delevingne’s disheveled health after new video shows more bizarre behavior

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Cara Delevingne arrived at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 6, looking tired and disheveled. There is renewed concern about her health days after she was seen with sunken eyes and dark rings around them. she sat in a car alone, sucking on some kind of pipe. She arrived at the airport wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt, black jogger pants with green, yellow and red straps, and yellow socks. She didn’t wear shoes.

Sources told the Daily Mail that it appeared the 30-year-old cover girl found it difficult to control her body movements at times. She was seen on the phone, hunched over, putting the phone down and walking in a way that gave the impression that she couldn’t stop moving. She was two hours late for her flight. Delevingne’s assistant was seen holding her dog and straw hat.


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Delevingne boarded the flight with his dog, Alfie, and their bags were loaded onto the plane. The source confirmed that she disembarked after being on the plane for 45 minutes. It is unclear whether she was asked to leave the plane. She was later seen on the phone while smoking and appeared to be nervous. Her bags were finally taken off the plane and placed in the SUV she arrived in. She later left the airport in the same car.

Delevingne reportedly spent some time recently at the Burning Man festival. Sources said that while at the event, she refused to eat and shower. “She had just spent days in the desert, not eating much and looked disheveled because she hasn’t had time to scrub herself yet,” the source said.

“Her friends are worried about her usually after some erratic behavior, but she has a good group around her. Her sister was at the festival with her. She wasn’t alone and her back is,” the source added. “Burning Man is not full of hamburger vans like other festivals. You throw everything you need into a trailer and that’s what you have to live by while you’re there. Everything works on an exchange system.”

A few months ago, the model celebrated her 30th birthday with friends. “She was messier out there than she has been in a while, but she says she’s fine, fine with turning 30 and having a great time,” said a friend. “She’ll think the pictures are funny – she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she’s living her life and says she’s absolutely fine.” Her recent photos, however, suggest that her life is messed up right now. Bruises can be seen on its tanned limbs. The psoriasis she suffers from in times of stress seems to have reappeared once again.

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