GeForce RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 prices continue to plummet

NVIDIA and its partners are striving to quickly liquidate models deemed to be more powerful

With NVIDIA expected to announce a new generation of GPUs on September 20th, US resellers started a real sale of the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 models. According to VideoCardz, the products can already be found for the lowest values ​​of their stories and new price cuts are not ruled out.

According to the site, stores like Amazon and Newegg are selling the RTX 3090Ti for an average price of $1129while the RTX 3090 is already in the range of $954. The forecast is that mainly the lower power model will suffer further reductions, since shopkeepers would still be having difficulty convincing consumers to invest almost $1,000 in a GPU that will be replaced very soon.

Reductions are also affecting models such as RTX 3080 and the RTX 3080Tiwhich came to be listed on BestBuy for $739. While the reductions found by the site are still punctual, they have already helped to establish a trend that will only increase in the coming weeks.

NVIDIA works with partners to lower prices

At a meeting with shareholders, NVIDIA itself admitted that it is having problems with excess inventories of the RTX 30 line — which is mainly due to the decrease in purchases from the cryptocurrency sector. In addition to reducing the costs passed on to its partners, the company is also working with them on creation of promotional programs to settle the units available in stores.

The company claims to believe that the average value of a GPU should approach what is charged by next-gen consoles, which are currently in the $500 range.. She also believes that although the market is going through a period of sharp drop in prices, the medium and long term trend is for a stabilization of values.

According to MyDrivers, the models that have suffered the most reductions so far are the high performance, with the mid-range lines from NVIDIA and the RX 6000 model from AMD still maintaining some stability. This can be explained by the fact that the most powerful GPUs should be the first ones that companies will start to replace, something that can start happening as early as the month of October.

With sales falling, NVIDIA says RTX 40 won't take RTX 30 out of the market

With sales falling, NVIDIA says RTX 40 won’t take RTX 30 out of the market
Large inventories remaining from current generation should result in aggressive discount tactics


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