In a coma, a Brazilian surfer initially had a problem with his tooth; understand

posted on 07/09/2022 15:58

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Brazilian surfer Júnior Enomoto, known as “Japa”, was hospitalized in Bali, Indonesia, with a diagnosis of lung infection caused by a bacterium. The problem was initially caused by an infection in a tooth and the surfer is in a coma. Currently, the surfer is in the ICU of BIMC Nusa Dua, Indonesia.

According to the dental surgeon Flávio Pinheiro, odontogenic infections have a periodontal or periapical origin and, if left untreated, can progress to the fascial spaces, which can lead to death. In the case of the surfer, the doctors found a cavity in the left lung and the pulmonologist said that it will possibly be necessary for the Brazilian to undergo surgery.

How to treat a dental infection?

According to Flávio, the most common treatment protocol for odontogenic infections is to remove the “cause”, that is, what is causing the infection.

“This removal is done through extractions or endodontic treatment, followed by drainage of the purulent secretion and antibiotic therapy”, he explained.

According to the healthcare professional, dentists should always be aware that these infections can occasionally become serious and life-threatening in a short period of time.

“The very serious cases where the infection evolves and the patient dies occur when the infection reaches areas distant from the alveolar process. Although most infectious processes in their initial stages are well controlled with surgical intervention and the use of antibiotics”, he pondered.

Finally, the dentist stated that factors such as the delay in seeking specialized care, the delay in the use of antibiotics, the patient’s immunosuppressive systemic conditions and the virulence of the microorganism may contribute to the rapid spread of the infectious process.

“It is very important that the dentist is sought immediately and informed of conditions that favor the progression of the disease, because from this, it is necessary for the professional to act with the purpose of diagnosing a situation of potential severity.”

The community near ‘Japa’ mobilized and organized a crowdfunding to collect donations for medical procedures.

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