“It’s an arrogant and a crybaby”; Flamengo fans ‘boil’ with Abel’s statement after Palmeiras’ elimination

O Flamengo is finalizing the preparation with an eye on this Wednesday (7), in which he faces Vélez, for the semifinals of Libertadores, inside Maracanã, after having made 4 to 0 in the first game, in Argentina and practically guaranteed the classification. Anyway, Dorival Júnior wants to have his feet on the ground to guarantee the spot without major scares, by deserving.

On the other side of the key, everyone believed that Palmeiras should be the opponent of the Cariocas, since both entered this phase as favorites. However, after losing 1 to 0 in Curitiba, Athletico-PR, led by Luiz Felipe Scolari, managed a brave 2 to 2 (after losing 2 to 0) in the middle of Allianz Parque and eliminating the Palestra team.

Nonetheless, Abel Ferreira, coach from Palmeiras, once again got into trouble with the referee at the end of the game, making a strong statementsaying that they ended up being eliminated by other factors, that is, with interference from the referee, who would not have given a penalty by Alex Santana, directly harming the final result.

“Our team with 10 did everything, including the 2-0 lead. For what we control, congratulations to my players. This is playing around with our work, and we can’t play when we have VAR access to images. This costs me, because… I won’t say what I’m thinkingstarted, completing: “I would like the referee to go inside (the locker room) to talk to my players, that’s all. If VAR saw what I saw, it’s the first time in history I’ve seen a yellow card for an aggression. But I won’t dwell on that. I’ve never seen yellow for aggression. Our expulsion I think is fair. The criteria…said the Portuguese.

On social media, however, since the gringo always complains about the referee when the result is negative, several flamengo fans took a wave and even revolted, publishing several messages of criticism and provocationusing even strong terms to demonstrate that they are totally against this posture of the coach.

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