Libertadores awards may increase by up to 20% in 2023; see values ​​- 09/06/2022

Conmebol’s management is considering increasing Libertadores awards by up to 20% in 2023. There is an effort to ensure that the quotas for intermediate stages, such as groups and round of 16, also have a significant increase —- these stages have their values ​​frozen since the 2019 edition.

Giving more money at these stages means pleasing members of smaller federations, which have been uncomfortable with the Brazilian and Argentine strength in recent years. Teams from these countries, mainly from Brazil, have dominated the final stages since 2016, the last year in which the decision was between clubs from two other nations – Atlético Nacional (COL) beat Independiente Del Valle (EQU).

It is studied, for example, increasing from US$ 1 million (R$ 5.2 million) to US$ 1.2 million (R$ 6.2 million) the quota for each home team game in the group stage, totaling US$ $3.6 million (R$18.7 million). The eighth, which paid US$ 1.05 million in 2022, can also reach US$ 1.2 million and the fourth, today at US$ 1.5 million (R$ 7.7 million), can reach US$ 1.8 million (R$ 9.3 million). The percentage increase in quotas must vary between each phase.

There will also be an increase for the finalists. The runner-up could have the prize jumping from US$ 6 million (R$ 31 million) to US$ 7 million (R$ 36.3 million) and the champion from US$ 16 million (R$ 83 million) to close to the US$ 18 million (R$ 93 million).

There will also be new values ​​for the Copa Sudamericana and Recopa quotas. The increase will occur because of the new broadcasting rights contracts, for the cycle from 2023 to 2026, and sponsorships, for 2023 and 2024, which Conmebol has closed. In broadcasting rights alone, the entity raised US$ 1.5 billion (R$ 7.8 billion) for the period.

In Brazil, Globo took the rights to TV Aberta, ESPN and Paramount took the TV Fechada, and One Football took the highlights (best moments of the games that may pass with a certain delay in the live confrontation). The adjustment in relation to the amount of the previous contract was US$ 350 million (R$ 1.8 billion), as reported by journalist Rodrigo Mattos in his column in UOL Esportes.

Libertadores 2022 Awards

Group Stage: $3 million ($1 million per home game)
Round of 16: $1.05 million
Quarterfinals: $1.5 million
Semifinal: $2 million
Runner-up: $6 million
Champion: $16 million

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