Lisca says he spent all night watching tennis after Santos setback: ‘beat’

The defeat of Santos to Goiás made Lisca spend the night practically awake. Disappointed with the 2-1 result, in Vila Belmiro, the coach arrived home in the early hours of the morning and, unable to sleep, went to watch the tennis match between the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz and the Croatian marine Cilic.

To make matters worse, Lisca had committed to participate today (6th) in Brasil Futebol Expo 2022, a congress in São Paulo. With the time off from the Peixe squad, the coach kept his schedule despite the defeat. The theme was “the formation of champion players”.

“Thank you for the invitation, especially after yesterday’s beating, losing the game the way it was. I thought about coming home, a day not very good… But I confess that the energy changed when I arrived here, with the affection of the public. I met a lot of friends,” Lisca said.

The current technician from Santos commented on the 33 years of profession, with most of the time in the basic categories. He admitted that he is happy to help successful athletes, but that he “needs to lift a mug”.

Lisca told about her career, made the audience laugh at different times and revealed what she considers her greatest learning: people management. The coach said he developed compassion over the years.

“Football players like truth, loyalty and discretion. Everything that is agreed with a player is not expensive. Players need affection and compassion, especially. Compassion is putting yourself in the player’s shoes. Often the coach takes actions without seeing the player’s side, as he receives a determination, not to be called up or not to enter the game. The coaches are boring in the group, we put 11 and replaced five. There are 16 or 17 without playing. And I dedicate my most time to them, those who they don’t play. It’s the most important thing for a quality manager. I’ve always appreciated that in my career”, he said.

“Yesterday, game day, we made a collective in the morning of those not related to the leaning ones, those who have a contract and don’t play, something that was already defined before my arrival. I always train with juniors or youth, showing a new reality and how that It’s not that far away. I talked to the under-17 boys 15 days ago and asked if they were aware of how much the highlights that emerged at Santos, such as Neymar and Gabigol, earned. And one of the boys said 80 thousand reais a month. The boy didn’t I had no idea. So we have to show the way, help to be a citizen of the world, especially a family man. We are privileged, we work with our hobby, with our passion. Within the reality of the country, those who work in series A and B receives very well. It is a minority. The majority is minimum wage, lack of salary, they have to go to court”, he added.

Lisca also valued the work of President Andres Rueda. The technician highlighted the process of “rescuing Santos’ credibility”.

“I was watching President Andres Rueda’s lecture and I saw my cell phone, pipi, the salary notification. Even with yesterday’s defeat, the salary has dropped. The president appreciates that, for compliance. He’s rescuing Santos. to associate with people and clubs with these premises”.

At another point in the lecture, Lisca committed a faulty act. The coach said that Santos has the second best defense in Serie B and corrected himself.

“The fans that take Madson out anyway. Yesterday they told me to take him and Felipe Jonatan. I almost looked and said: ‘Did you know that Santos has the best defense in Serie B?’. Ops, Serie A. If the president hears this, I’m robbed (laughs)”.

After the squad’s break and the day for lectures by president Andres Rueda and coach Lisca, Santos will perform again tomorrow (7th) in the afternoon, at CT Rei Pelé. Peixe will return to the field to face Ceará on Saturday (10), at Castelão, for the 26th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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