Lisca sees total evolution at Santos, but holds numbers: ‘I can’t’

Coach Lisca believes that Santos “evolved in everything” under his command, but avoided presenting numbers of his work. The pressure increased after the defeat by 2 to 1 to Goiás, yesterday (5), in Vila Belmiro.

Lisca has the support of President Andres Rueda, but a good part of the crowd is dissatisfied. The coach believes that Santos is on the right track.

“We had superiority, but the numbers don’t matter in the end. We had more volume, but Goiás scored more goals. We’re used to it. We have evolution numbers at work, but I can’t show you. I’m not going to argue, it’s up to me work. I have support at Santos, a great relationship with President Rueda. It’s motivating to overcome these moments of defeat, with fuel to seek victories”, said Lisca, one of the speakers at Brasil Futebol Expo 2022, in São Paulo.

“I don’t have any frustration, I feel motivated to show my work and transform criticism into applause. Numbers are good. I’ll give just one example: Santos had 29% of success away from home and today he has 43%, but the press doesn’t talk. Everything is evolution. In the scouts then… Number of shots, defenses, goals conceded, situations created… Everything has improved a lot, but I won’t keep putting data for the press and fans. fans of a big team, who are injured for having played more at the bottom than at the top of the table in recent years. Often the general public does not see this side, but we also work with this data”, added the coach. from Santos.

Another guest at the congress, President Andres Rueda, spoke again about Lisca’s work. This time, however, the statements were less emphatic about the coach’s stay in 2023.

As a reporter asked Rueda about Lisca’s maintenance, the technician entered the room. Andrés Sanchez, former president of Corinthians, joked: “They asked if you’re going to be fired.” And everyone laughed.

“When any management hires a coach, it is for a full term. Nobody hires for two, three or five months. My management has already changed two or three [técnicos], but I answer you calmly that it was not due to pressure from the fans or pressure from the partners, it was because there are some things in football that are beyond reason. Andrés was smart because he kept Tite and was champion, if he wasn’t, he would be stupid. He has things that are unforgivable. A team like Santos cannot be eliminated by a club from Venezuela [jogo que culminou na demissão de Fabián Bustos]. It was even a message for the players. Unfortunately that happens in football,” Rueda said.

Andrés Sanchez then spoke and defended Lisca:

“How many games has Lisca been at Santos for? Seven? It wasn’t him who set up the team. Rueda has to be charged, the players.”

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