Marcos Assunção gets real about the elimination of Palmeiras and the main defect that made the team leave Libertadores

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Palmeiras was eliminated from the World Cup and now seeks to win the Brazilian Championship

Marcos Assunção sends the real about the elimination of Palmeiras and main delivery defect
© Photo: Daniel Vorley/AGIF.Marcos Assunção sends the real about the elimination of Palmeiras and main delivery defect

Palmeiras was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores against Atletico-PR at the Allianz Parque last Tuesday (07), after drawing 2 to 2, but the aggregate score was 3 to 2 after the defeat away from home. Because of this, the team will dedicate itself 100% to the Brazilian championship, where he leads with 51 points, keeping seven ahead of the second place. That’s because Verdão was also eliminated from the Copa do Brasil for the Sao Paulo.

during the program Open game this Wednesday (7), the former player Marcos Assunção highlighted that the club left something to be desired in the submissions and this ended up making it impossible for the team to reach the third consecutive final of the Liberators. “Palmeiras scored a goal after three minutes and then continued creating. Until Murilo’s expulsion, it was perfect. Pressing with balls in the area. But, unfortunately, the submissions were lacking… Bento didn’t make any dangerous saves”, highlighted.

The team led by Abel Ferreira opened the scoring after two minutes of play, but ended up losing consistency after the expulsion of Murilo. Still, the team managed to open two goals ahead, but did not hold the result and ended up giving in to the tie. Denílson believes that the changes in Paulo Turraof Drillingmade a difference.

“I agree with you. The expulsion was at the end of the first half. And Abel went to the locker room first so he wouldn’t lose his mind. And normally you give up the defensive system to create. And as it was at the end of the first half he had time to think. So much so that he took out Cannobio, yellowed. He took out all yellowed ones because he knew he could have the law of compensation. In the goal of Gustavo Gómez’s Palmeiras, it seemed to me to be a trained play. And from that moment on, the team didn’t have the intensity anymore and it’s normal, for one less player. Paulo Turra was very smart in the changes”, highlighted.

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