Meet international stars who, like Hailey Bieber, have a Brazilian family

This week, a lot has been said about the Brazilian roots of the model Hailey Bieberwoman of Justin bieberwho arrived with him over the weekend in Rio de Janeiro on account of the singer’s performance at Rock in Rio.

+ Hailey Bieber’s grandfather sold millions of records, won Grammys and worked with Sinatra

Hailey, in addition to being the daughter of American actor Stephen Baldwin, has a Brazilian mother and grandfather, designer Kennya Deodato and pianist, arranger and music producer Eumir Deodatowho was present in the emergence of bossa nova and who, after moving to the United States, sold millions of records and even won a Grammy, in addition to being nominated for the award on two other occasions.

But the model is not the only international celebrity with a foot in Brazil. Check below other names from the show bizz that also have Brazilian ancestry and that you may not know.

Barbie Ferreira

The 25-year-old American actress and model, who was featured in the series “Euphoria”, was born in New York (USA), but was raised in New Jersey. She is the daughter of a Brazilian immigrant, Jana Seppe, who works as a chef.

In addition to the HBO series, which Barbie recently announced that she left the cast, after two seasons, she also stood out in the feature “Unpregnant”, alongside Haley Lu Richardson, and from time to time she risks speaking Portuguese on her social networks. with their Brazilian fans.

Kaya Scodelario

The 30-year-old Maze Runner actress was born in West Sussex, England, but is the daughter of Brazilian Katia Scodelario, from Itu, in the interior of São Paulo.

Her mother moved to Queen Elizabeth’s land in 1990, and married a British man, who died in 2010. Like Barbie, Kaya also speaks Portuguese.

Alfred Enoch

The 33-year-old actor was born in London, England, and debuted in theaters in nothing less than the “Harry Potter” franchise, playing the little wizard Dino Thomas.

Enoch is the son of British actor William Russell and Brazilian physician Etheline Margareth Lewis Enoch. He recently starred in the first feature film directed by Lázaro Ramos“Provisional Measure”.

Jordana Brewster

Known worldwide for the “Fast and Furious” franchise, where she plays Mia Toretto, sister of the character Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Jordana Brewster, 42, was born in Panama, but is the daughter of former Brazilian model Maria João Leão de Sousa.

Interestingly, her first film work was in Brazil, where she lived until about 10 years old, in the 1988 film “Super Xuxa Contra Baixo Astral”, in which she appears as a child, without being credited.

Her official debut would only take place 10 years later, already in Hollywood, in the film “Final Exam”, directed by Robert Rodriguez, where she acted alongside Elijah Wood.

Camila Mendes

The 28-year-old “Riverdale” star is the daughter of Brazilian parents. Her mother is from Porto Alegre and her father is from Brasília. She was born in the US state of Virginia and spent most of her childhood in Florida, but came to live for a year in her father’s hometown when she was 10 years old.

Camilla Belle

The 35-year-old actress, born in Los Angeles, California (USA), is the daughter of an American businessman and Brazilian stylist Cristina Gould, from Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. She made her film debut in 1995, in the movie “The Little Princess”, and has played several roles since then.

In 2008, Camilla came to work with Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia in his film “À Deriva”, which features Vincent Cassel, Cauã Reymond, Débora Bloch and Laura Neiva in the cast.

Sky Ferreira

The 30-year-old singer and actress is of Brazilian and Portuguese origin, but was born in Los Angeles, California (USA). In cinemas, she even participated in the horror “Cannibals”, by Eli Roth, and “Baby Driver”, by director Edgar Wright.

But it is in music that his career stands out the most, with two albums released and two more EPs. Sky Ferreira even performed in Brazil, in 2014, to promote his debut album, and played in São Paulo.

Mia Goth

The 28-year-old British actress and model has become a Hollywood horror movie darling. Mia is the granddaughter of Brazilian actress Maria Gladys and spent part of her childhood in Brazil. In cinemas, she debuted in the second part of the controversial “Nymphomaniac”, by Danish director Lars von Trier.

Mia was also part of the cast of “A Cura”, from “Suspiria” and, recently, starred in the horror “X: The Mark of Death”, released in Brazilian cinemas. Interestingly, the actress even appeared on Brazilian TV, in the TV Record program “A Noite É Nossa”, presented by Geraldo Luís, in a tribute to her grandmother, Maria Gladys, whom she called “the greatest inspiration of her life”. life”. Check it out below.

Maiara Walsh

The 34-year-old actress and singer was born in Seattle, United States, to a Brazilian mother and an American father. At the age of two, she moved to São Paulo, and at 11, to California, where she began her acting career.

Maiara starred in the continuation of “Meninas Malvadas”, in 2011, and also participated in the series “The Vampire Diaries” and “Agentes da SHIELD”. But the actress also has work here. Recently, she participated in the series “Coisa Mais Linda”, on Netflix, in the movie “Diários de Intercâmbio”, starring Larissa Manoela, and in the soap opera “Reis”, on Record.

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