NASA gives up on sending Artemis I mission in early September

There were two and a half hours left in the countdown, when NASA gave up on the launch of Artemis I, on Saturday (3). With an estimated 250,000 people crowding Florida’s beaches at the start of the weekend (today is Labor Day in the US), waiting to witness a historic moment, the launch director, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson canceled the match at 12:17 pm ET.

In the afternoon, mission managers decided to give up any further launch attempts in the early September (launch availabilities) windows. For them, the liquid hydrogen leak detected is inside one of the four RS-25 engines of the Space Launch System (SLS).

The aerospace agency said that the team failed to contain what it called “a leaking hydrogen in a quick disconnect, an interface between the liquid hydrogen fuel feed line and the SLS rocket.”

When will the next Artemis I launch attempt be?

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With the rocket still on launch pad 39B, the Artemis I teams will assess the area of ​​the leak in the coming days, while studying the schedule to decide whether to seal the platform itself or take the equipment to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). in the acronym in English).

According to the American newspaper The New York Timessenior NASA officials not only approved the decision to cancel the Saturday launch, as they say they are determined to wait longer, perhaps in windows later this month or in October so that the cause of the hydrogen leak is fully understood and resolved.

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