Netflix’s absurd novel Echoes

Stories of twins switching places abound, whether in literature, film or TV. Even in Brazilian soap operas, Sand women marked an epoch in its two versions. And now the series is on Netflix echoes, with Michelle Monaghan playing the dual role of twins Leni and Gina. I watched the seven episode series. It may even please a lot of people, but it’s so pointless, that not even with much good will it managed to win me over.

Gina (Michelle Monaghan) is a successful married writer living in Los Angeles. Soon, she discovers that her twin sister Leni, who lives in their homeland, has mysteriously disappeared. Leni simply disappeared without leaving any trace of her whereabouts. The police try to convince Gina that her sister may have run away voluntarily. Only she is convinced that something terrible has happened. And she begins to delve into the past to try to find any possible clues. Gradually, Gina begins to recover fragmented childhood memories of the two that may be answers to what happened. With the help of Jack (Matt Bomer), she delves deeper and deeper into terrifying secrets about the past she could never have imagined.

What did I think of echoes?

Michelle Monaghan, like the rest of the cast – very good – tries to milk the stone with a confusing script, and at the same time predictable. The series goes back and forth in time, and there are moments when, honestly, I didn’t even know who was who anymore, lol. However, there was always a desire to see how this story would end. In fact, the ending ends up being the best thing about the series – perhaps the most unexpected.

Another positive point is the performance of Karen Robinson (from the series Schitt’s Creek) as Sheriff Floss. She has such an unusual look and seems like part of the audience. That is, she knows she has something wrong, but she can’t understand this story right, lol. It had been a while since she’d seen a series as confusing, messed up as echoes. But I insisted and made it to the end. Only the feeling of wasting time remained.

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