Palmeiras 2 x 2 Athletico for Libertadores: how was the game

Palmeiras relived the drama of the quarterfinals, but this time did not survive: with one less during the 2nd half after Murilo’s expulsion, the São Paulo team opened 2-0, but suffered a draw with Athletico, staying in 2 to 2 and was eliminated from Libertadores by the aggregate score (in the first game, the Paranaenses had won by 1 to 0).

With the result, Felipão’s team advanced to the final of the tournament, a feat achieved in 2005, when they reached the decision and ended up runner-up. Abel Ferreira’s men, on the other hand, interrupt a sequence of two consecutive finals and have only the Brazilian Championship to play until the end of the year.

Gustavo Scarpa opened the scoring after two minutes of the duel after a beautiful individual move by Zé Rafael and Gustavo Gomez, after a lateral, widened with a header – driving Allianz Parque crazy once and for all.

Two Athletico reserves, however, shone and changed the history of the match: Pablo and Terans, substitutes for Erick and Alex Santana, scored the equalizer.

Now, Athletico faces the winner of Flamengo and Vélez Sarsfield in the big decision of the tournament, scheduled for October 29. In the first leg, the Cariocas beat the Argentines 4-0 away from home.


Best of Palmeiras: Zé Rafael

The midfielder was the main articulator of his team and supplied the attack with passes in the hole generated by Athletico. Zé Rafael also nullified the opponent’s offensive constructions and was the main thermometer of Palmeiras.

Best of Atletico: Pablo

Substituting midfielder Erick, the striker needed just two minutes to swing the Palmeiras nets and keep Athletico alive in the game. In the final minutes of the 2nd half, the striker still assisted Terans to swell Weverton’s nets.

Worst of Palmeiras: Murilo

Everything was going well for Palmeiras until the 44th minute of the 1st half, when the defender hit the cleats on Vitor Roque’s leg in an attack from Paraná. Esteban Ostojich gave Murilo a yellow card at first, but the player was sent off directly after the Uruguayan was analyzed in VAR.

Atletico’s worst: Alex Santana

Alongside Fernandinho, the midfielder, who scored the first goal, gave a lot of space for the onslaught of Zé Rafael, Scarpa and Tabata in the 1st half. Annoyed, Alex Santana even tried an elbow on Ron with the game stopped and was yellowed. He came out at halftime for Terans to come in.

Timeline: Scarpa burns down Allianz Parque

Pushed by more than 40,000 excited fans, the Paulistas opened the scoring after 2 minutes. Zé Rafael received from Tabata in the middle and easily turned on Fernandinho.

With freedom after getting rid of the experienced midfielder, shirt 8 carried to the left end of the area and crossed low. Pedro Henrique tried to move away, but he lost his balance and saw the ball go clear for Gustavo Scarpa.

With class and tranquility, the midfielder displaced Bento, opened the scoring and set Allianz Parque on fire: 1 to 0 and a tie on aggregate.

Scarpa celebrates the goal scored by Palmeiras in the game against Athletico - Amanda Perobelli/Reuters - Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

Scarpa celebrates goal scored by Palmeiras in the game against Athletico

Image: Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

Chance to expand, had…

Led by Zé Rafael, Tabata and Scarpa, Palmeiras maintained their strong rhythm and continued to corner Athletico. At eight minutes, the author of the 1st goal had a chance to expand and forced goalkeeper Bento to palm.

Shortly after, Tabata and Dudu, both with kicks from outside the area, also made the Paraná archer work.

In the middle of the initial stage, the visitors neutralized the match and started to produce some offensive plays – almost always on the left and with the young Vitor Roque, highlight of the first game.

The superiority, however, was short-lived, and Palmeiras regained control of the duel, betting on the gaps left by Fernandinho and Alex Santana in the middle. In one of them, Scarpa queued up and left it to Dudu, who ended up blocked by Thiago Heleno.

Tabata and Canobbio dispute the ball in Palmeiras vs Athletico - Amanda Perobelli/Reuters - Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

Tabata and Canobbio dispute the ball in Palmeiras vs Athletico

Image: Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

Murilo revives drama and is expelled

In the last minutes of the 1st half, the Palmeiras player Murilo repeated a movie seen by the fans in the quarterfinals of Libertadores, against Atlético-MG, and complicated his team.

The defender, when trying to cut a move by Vitor Roque, hit the sole of the boot on the attacker’s leg, who fell with severe pain on the lawn – the move recalled what happened with midfielder Danilo in the match against the miners.

Immediately, the referee Esteban Ostojich scored the free-kick and gave Murilo a yellow card. However, after a VAR review, the Uruguayan expelled the athlete from Palmeiras.

Seeing the judge heading to the cabin, Abel Ferreira showed irritation and had to be restrained by assistants. After the marking, the Portuguese revolted and questioned a possible elbow from Canobbio in the bid in question. He even cursed the fourth referee and ran down to the locker room even before the final whistle of the stage.

Murilo, defender of Palmeiras, is sent off for hard tackle on Vitor Roque - Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Murilo, defender of Palmeiras, is sent off for hard tackle on Vitor Roque

Image: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Athletico advances, but Gomez appears

Murilo’s expulsion generated a reaction on the part of Paulo Turra in his team during the break. Pedrinho, Terans and Rômulo took the place of Abner, Alex Santana and Canobbio.

Meanwhile, Abel was forced to fill out his defensive system and sacked Tabata, who gave way to defender Luan.

It was the other Palmeiras defender, however, who was responsible for putting Palmeiras ahead on aggregate: Gustavo Gómez, on a long side charged by Marcos Rocha, beat Thiago Heleno from the top and deflected to the back of Bento’s goal: 2 to 0.

Gustavo Gomez scored for Palmeiras against Athletico - Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images - Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images

Gustavo Gomez swung the nets for Palmeiras against Athletico

Image: Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images

Pablo, Illuminated, Mark

With no time for lamentation, Athletico decreased – and equalized the score in the sum of the scores – in the 18th minute with striker Pablo, who had just replaced Erick.

Fernandinho, in a beautiful dug through the middle, found Vitinho on the left wing. The youngster stretched and deflected the ball to the other side of the area towards Vitor Roque, who slapped the middle again.

Enlightened and with a flair for a striker, Pablo managed to play for Weverton’s goal, who couldn’t make the save: 2 to 1 and the game headed for penalties.

Pablo, from Athletico, celebrates a goal against Palmeiras for Libertadores - Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Pablo, from Athletico, celebrates goal against Palmeiras for Libertadores

Image: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Athletico draw and shut Allianz

The visitors heroically tied the match in the 40th minute of the final stage, in a move that began with Pablo making the pivot and triggering Terans.

Alex Santana’s substitute fixed it and hit Weverton’s goal. The ball still deflected on Piquerez and completely killed the action of the goalkeeper, who could not make the save: 2 to 2.

Palmeiras still tried, at the base of the smother, to score the third goal and take the dispute to penalties, but could not overcome Bento until the final whistle and said goodbye to Libertadores.

Athletico-PR players celebrate classification against Palmeiras in Libertadores - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Athletico-PR players celebrate classification against Palmeiras in Libertadores

Image: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF



Competition: Copa Libertadores (semifinal return)
Date and time: September 6, 2022 (Tuesday), at 21:30 (Brasília time)
Place: Allianz Parque (Sao Paulo)
Referee: Esteban Ostojich (URU)
Assistants: Carlos Barreiro (URU) and Andres Nievas (URU)
Video Referee (VAR): Nicolas Gallo (COL)
Yellow cards: Alex Santana (ATH), Gabriel Menino (PAL), Canobbio (ATH), Pedrinho (ATH), Thiago Heleno (ATH) and Weverton (PAL)
red cards: Murilo (PAL)
goals: Gustavo Scarpa (PAL), at 2 min of the 1st period, Gustavo Gómez (PAL), at 10 min of the 2nd period, Pablo (ATH), at 18 min of the 2nd period and Terans (ATH), at 40 min of the 2nd time

PALM TREES: Weverton; Marcos Rocha (Mayke), Murilo, Gustavo Gomez and Piquerez (Merentiel); Gabriel Menino (Atuesta), Zé Rafael, Bruno Tabata (Luan) and Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu and Ron (Wesley). Coach: Abel Ferreira.

ATHLETIC: Benedict; Khelven; Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Abner (Pedrinho); Fernandinho, Erick (Pablo) and Alex Santana (Terans); Vitinho, Canobbio (Rômulo) and Vitor Roque (Matheus Fernandes). Coach: Paulo Turra.

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