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Qualifying for the Dutch GP last Saturday was marked by two unfortunate incidents. First, in Q2, the session had to be stopped with a red flag because of a flare thrown by fans that fell in the middle of the track. Then, in Q3, the incident repeated itself, but luckily, the artifact fell off the track and caused only a brief localized yellow flag. The problem is that, on Monday, a video recorded by a fan shows the moment when a flare is thrown onto the track by a uniformed security guard at the Dutch GP. See below:

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The flare thrown onto the track that caused Q2 to stop qualifying for the Dutch GP – Photo: Peter J Fox/Getty Images

The footage shows an employee of the Dutch security company Profi-Sec, in a navy blue uniform, without his badge in sight, shooting the flare onto the grandstand lane of the Tarzan curve, the first on the Zandvoort circuit. He can also see the expression of satisfaction on the man in question after the action. In addition, most of the orange-clad fans around him seem to recriminate the security guard’s action. It’s exactly the same spot where the flare was fired at the end of Q3 and caused a localized yellow flag. In the video, one of the fans says in Dutch:

– What is it? What an idiot! For God’s sake, he just threw it on the track! – reproaches the author of the video, supported by those around him.

From the stands of the Tarzan curve, security shoots a flare onto the Zandvoort track – Photo: Reproduction

Searched for by the ge, the organization of the Dutch GP confirmed that the person in question was a security guard hired by a company that provided services for the race in Zandvoort. However, he denied that it was the incident that caused the red flag in Q3, but did not refer to the second incident. Also according to the note, the security would have gone wrong with the beacon.

Check out the official statement from the organization:

“This is a security guard employed by a company that we have hired, that is correct. He had good intentions, but unfortunately he did the wrong execution by throwing the flag from the bleachers towards the track (protocol is to leave the flags extinguished in a safe way). We are aware of this. and this was thoroughly evaluated on Saturday. This is not the incident that caused the red flag situation. The security guard was wearing his uniform. They are very recognizable.”

One of the employees of the security company responsible for the Dutch GP in the pit straight – Photo: Reproduction

Profi-Sec, the security company contracted by the Dutch GP, also issued an official statement about the incident. According to her, the official took the flag off a fan and threw it away from the audience. Still according to the company, the procedure was correct, except for throwing the artifact on the track instead of the back of the stands.

Check out the official Profi-Sec note:

“There are images circulating of one of our employees removing a lit flare from the bleachers. We have received inquiries on this matter. The images incorrectly suggest that the employee himself lit the flare. This was not the case. The flare was seized from one of the spectators, who brought it and lit it. A flare is hot and can be dangerous. Our employee wanted to avoid trouble and threw the flare towards the track, away from the crowd. It would have been better to discard it behind the bleachers, but Profi-Sec and the organization understand impulsive action. It was a brief and unfortunate incident at a fantastic event. The action had no consequences for the race. As Profi-Sec, we are proud to contribute to this event. Thanks to the organization and all the fans for an end amazing week.”

The reaction of the security guard after throwing the flare in the lane of the stands of the Tarzan curve – Photo: Reproduction

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