Should Rock in Rio compensate anyone whose cell phone was damaged by lasers?

Rock in Rio goers claim on social media that the green lasers used at DJ Alok’s show on Saturday (3) burned their cell phone camera.

In fact, this kind of lighting can damage the camera’s sensors – although it’s quite unlikely. But, if it happens, can the artist or the organization of the event be legally liable?

The answer is: yes, as long as it is proven. According to Douglas Oliveira da Silva, former Procon lawyer, currently in the civil and criminal area, it would be necessary to carry out a technical expertise on the cell phone camera, with a complete report to determine if the problem in the device was really caused by the lasers.

The lawsuit would be filed against Rock in Rio, not the artist. The event should have clearly warned the public about the risks of exposing the devices during the show. Damaged fans can complain about the lack of information and request repairs and compensation compatible with the damage generated by the failure to provide the service.

“It is not assumed by those attending the event that the light resources are capable of causing damage to the property”, explains Silva.

How Procon can help

One way to avoid judicialization is to look for Procon, an agency that performs consumer protection, and can mediate the relationship between visitors and the festival. It can assist in the reimbursement of material damage (the repair or the amount paid for the device), but does not establish compensation for moral damages.

For those who want to go further, compensation can be pursued in the judicial sphere, but it is not guaranteed that it will be a won case.

“By moral damage, we mean a kind of psychological shock, immaterial damage also susceptible to financial compensation. Here, if we consider access to the dream of fully experiencing the experience of being close to an idol, if the camera burns before recording the moment, the moral damage can be characterized”, completes the lawyer.

Aloke stands

Alok published a video on his official Instagram account yesterday (6), stating that the fans’ accusation is “fake news” and explaining in detail the operation of the lasers that are part of his presentation.

He says that lasers can damage cell phone and camera lenses. But it makes it clear that the production team took the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening. According to him, the luminous effects were purposely pointed upwards, towards the sky.

Alok also says that, if the lasers were aimed at the audience, he would have burned the cell phone “of the entire party” and that would be “a gigantic loss”. It could have even ruined Rede Globo’s broadcast camera (which did the live recording), which did not happen.

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