Superstar almost starred in Candyman

The 1990s horror classic candyman could have had a different protagonist, and a big star could have been famous long before.

The film, starring Tony Todd on title paper and Virginia Madsen like Helen, was a huge hit at the time, spawning two sequels and a recent reboot, helmed by Jordan Peele.

Virgina shared in an interview with Horror News Network that she had initially been cast in another role, Bernie, Helen’s best friend. The protagonist would be played by Alexandra Piggwife of director Bernard Rose.

When the filmmaker decided that the role of Bernie should go to a black actress, Virginia was eventually promoted to lead actress. But another familiar name was also considered for the film.

Virgina Madsen is Helen and Kasi Lemmons is Bernie in Candyman (Reproduction)
Virgina Madsen is Helen and Kasi Lemmons is Bernie in Candyman (Reproduction)

In the commented audio of the DVD of The Candyman Mystery, producer Alan Poul revealed that Virgina won the role after Alexandra found out she was pregnant. According to him, other “young, basically unknown actresses” also auditioned for.

In case Virginia was unable to participate in the project, the second name on the list was none other than Sandra Bullock.

Fame ‘delayed’ two years for actress

Despite being part of the cast of Dune in 1984, it was with candyman that Virginia became recognized in Hollywood, and continued to work on other films and TV projects.

Sandra, with the studios’ denial, continued working in the industry until winning the role of Annie in Maximum speed and, like her colleague, be catapulted to fame.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Full Speed ​​(Play)

There’s no way of knowing if Sandra would be a better Helen, considering Virginia’s performance was one of the highlights of the film. However, it is interesting to think how, for a small choice, the careers of two actresses could have been very different.

the reboot The Legend of Candyman is available to be watched through the Prime Video. The Candyman Mystery original, from 1992, can only be seen if purchased or rented on major digital platforms.

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