Taís Araújo: ‘I don’t want to look like I’m 20 or play girly roles’ – Marie Claire Magazine

 Taís Araújo (Photo: Ju Coutinho / Publicity)

Taís Araújo (Photo: Ju Coutinho / Publicity)

“I take care of myself not with the intention of hiding aging, but to age with quality”. This was the direct response from Tais Araújo The Marie Claire when we ask her if the passage of time and her appearance worry her.

At 43, the actress and businesswoman doesn’t want to look younger. “I don’t want to look like I’m 20 or 15 years old, but I want to have good skin in reality,” says she, who is a star and represents major beauty brands.

Occupying the roles of younger women was once the desire of several actresses in the audiovisual sector. But what was disguised as a compliment is an example of ageism. “Brazil is still a country that likes young people, but I see a change over the years. I don’t want to play roles that aren’t my age, I want to play women who are going through experiences that I’ve been through and through. Playing the role of a girl doesn’t interest me,” she says.

Taís, who is on the air as Clarice and Anita in face and courage, TV Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera, emphasizes his desire to play complex and challenging roles. “And the complexity comes from experiences,” she explains. “Just remember Amor de Mãe, the main roles are for mature women. Be a girl or a villain. Narratives are changing, we also want to hear who has lived a lot. The best part of it is that my work is not in short supply,” she completes.

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One of the biggest inspirations of Thais, Viola Davis is about to land in Brazil to promote his filmand The King’s Wife. The two have already met in the United States, but there is no prediction that the meeting will also take place here. “Nothing planned, but I want to at least go to the movies,” she says.

Taís Araújo (Photo: Ju Coutinho / Publicity)

Taís Araújo (Photo: Ju Coutinho / Publicity)

Support for projects to value black culture

On Tuesday (6), Taís Araújo participated in the launch of a new project by L’oreal Brasil. The company is the new partner of the Afro-Brazilian History and Culture Workshop Circuit of the Pretos Novos Institute (INP), with the aim of strengthening narratives that combat structural racism.

Alongside Zezé Motta and other guests, the artist took a tour of Caios do Valongo and the port area of ​​Rio, where black people who would be enslaved in the country arrived. “I knew the story, but I didn’t know the space. You can’t pretend that this story doesn’t exist”, says Taís.

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The actress who is concerned with rescuing the history of the black people in her works says that she would go beyond portraying in the audiovisual. “I think it’s sad that it doesn’t have government support, so it makes me want to be a funder. Audiovisual is very powerful and hits people with an idea,” she explains.

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