Tencent acquires stake in Ubisoft’s Guillemot company


Ubisoft has announced a strategic partnership with Tencent. The Chinese gaming giant is set to acquire a 49.9% stake with 5% voting rights in Guillemot Brothers Limited, the holding company of Ubisoft’s founders.

Tencent’s investment in Guillemot Brothers Limited amounts to about $297 million. Separately, Ubisoft authorized Tencent to increase its direct stake in the company from 4.5% to 9.99% of the capital or voting rights, a stake that it will not be able to increase for an eight-year period.

Ubisoft said the partnership with Tencent “covers the development of mobile titles from several of Ubisoft’s top franchises and the launch of several Ubisoft PC titles in China.”

Ubisoft’s ownership remains unaffected by the agreement and the Guillemot family retains sole control of Guillemot Brothers Limited.

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