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In an interview with TNT Sports, the coach of the Brazilian team, Tite, gave an overview of what should be the call-up on Friday – scheduled for 11 am, at the headquarters of the CBF. He praised Neymar, Vini Jr and Gabriel Jesus a lot, spoke a lot about Pedro, from Flamengo, and discussed the moment of Daniel Alves, who is at Pumas de México.

Matheus Bachi, Tite’s son who is an assistant to the Brazilian team, listed alternatives – Matheus mentioned Emerson Royal, Gilberto and even Rodinei, from Flamengo, and Marcos Rocha, from Palmeiras -, but he made it clear that the fit of the side of the team is not exactly of the players who go to the bottom, but those who do the construction in the central sector and on the side of the field where they work.

The Brazilian team will play the last two friendlies before the World Cup on September 23 and 27, in France, against Ghana and Tunisia, respectively. The summons goes out on Friday. O ge follow live

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Tite summons 26 players on Friday for friendlies against Ghana and Tunisia, on September 23 and 27, in France – Photo: Reproduction RBS TV/Gabriel Bolfoni

Tite participated in the interview moments after another good performance by Neymar and reinforced the praise for the striker of the Brazilian national team and PSG.

– Neymar’s creative ability is very great. When he is at the best physical and technical level… he is fresh, he has very quick perceptions, even to avoid fouls-commented Tite, citing a move in the match between PSG and Juventus (2-1 for the Paris team).

The coach also clarified that Neymar no longer competes with other wingers on his team. That is, he will only play in the central region of the attack, with freedom to create throughout the offensive zone.

– Neymar’s role is in that pocket on the left. At PSG they have Messi on the right, Mbappé on the inside, they have two wingers in the breadth, which favors Neymar. In the selection, instead of wings we have externals. So he has more space for construction, movement, creativity. He has a 9 more attacking space, another second midfielder working on the right (in the national team, Paquetá does something similar to Messi at PSG), he on the left.

– But on the Neymar side, never. Not. He’s downtown. Sometimes we have used him with Paquetá, with two forwards on the side of the field. He may also have Gabriel Jesus or Richarlison on his side. With them doing what Mbappé did today. These are the two most important tactical variations of selection. Neymar on the side is the one from 2014, the one from 2018, the one from Barcelona. It’s not the current one – reinforced Tite.

The 61-year-old also went a little deeper to comment on Gabriel Jesus’ team move from Manchester City to Arsenal. The player is featured in the new club and in an old-new version: as a striker. A very mobile centre-forward, in his style, but again a centre-forward.

– (I want him) in the center lane, yes. In certain situations the athlete has to make a decision, take the initiative, seek what is best for him. When he went to Arsenal, and here I don’t have the ability to interfere, because I know that there are a number of aspects in a negotiation, I know that he talked to the coach. And this I instruct them. I say, “talk to the coach, see what he wants from you, what he wants for your career.” He is a player who attacks space, he lives in the moment to score a series of goals, regaining prominence from the inside. But eventually on the outside too – added the coach of the Brazilian team.

Gabriel Jesus’ Arsenal was defeated by Manchester United: striker is the right name in Tite’s Brazilian team – Photo: Getty Images

The influence of the wings in the Selection

Pedro was the subject of Tite’s interview once again. The coach did not anticipate the call-up of the Flamengo striker, praised and made reference to Pedro Raul, from Goiás, current top scorer in the Brazilian Championship, and recalled the particular characteristics of this type of striker.

– I don’t know if I’m going to summon him, but he’s making it count (the summons), yes. It has a specific feature, it has specific accessories from 9. Take Fred (retired player), today it’s Pedro. The guy with the last ball, with impressive use in the rate of goals and assists in Flamengo. He does have great possibilities, but the competition is very strong in the sector-pointed out the coach.

When asked about Daniel Alves’ move to play in Mexico – eight games for Pumas so far -, Tite ruled out that he had made any deal with the full-back. He reinforced and emphasized: there is no commitment to call up any player. In other words, it was not enough for the side to get a club to be called up. He needs to play well and be well physically.

– There is no appointment to call. Not with him or anyone else. What is sought is the accompaniment to be at a high level. We have around 50 athletes with whom we maintain a very close relationship. We encourage and guide them to be in the best conditions. We talked to Gerson in his recovery from injury, we followed Arthur, Rodrigo Caio, Lucas Veríssimo… It’s fair competition, raising the bar for the call-up-he said.

Living his last moments as coach of the Brazilian team, Tite admitted that the arrival and consolidation of names like Vini Jr, Antony and Raphinha refreshed his team. In the coach’s own words:

– The selection had results, solidity, but lacked a dash of impetuosity and creativity that these players brought – he commented.

Tite defined the moment for Vini Jr – who scored on Real Madrid’s Champions League this Tuesday – as “extraordinary” and said that he shaped the Brazilian team to play according to these abundant options of dribbled players who play on the side of the field.

– As they consolidated, the biggest one is the case of Vini Jr, but surprisingly Raphinha, Martinelli and Rodrygo, I said: “let’s enjoy the best we have”. I’ve played in the 3-5-2 at Grêmio, in the 4-1-4-1 at Corinthians, with a striker, without a striker. But I thought: “enjoy this generation”.. Take advantage of one against one, the pen, the reel, the player who breaks marking, who breaks coverage. Make the ball go ahead in these conditions, that’s why their amplitude is fundamental. Having two players open is key to generating space.

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