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THE anchor from a television news program NBC KJRHin the United States, left viewers and production staff worried by showing signs that he was suffering a stroke live. Julia Chin started having trouble reading the teleprompter while presenting the stories.

Chin was showing material about a NASA launch when he started slurring his words. Rushed to the hospital, she discovered the onset of leakage.

“My doctors believe I had the onset of a stroke live on air Saturday morning. Some of you witnessed it firsthand, and I’m sorry for what happened,” she wrote in a Facebook post.


According to her, the first symptom of the problem was the loss of partial vision in one eye, although before that she felt well.

“A little later, my hand and arm became sleepers. So I knew I was in big trouble when my mouth wouldn’t speak the words that were right in front of me on the teleprompter.”

Julia Chin went to the hospital and is doing well


Live, Chin had to be quick to hand over to meteorologist Annie Brown for a weather update. Despite this, she was unable to return to the air to continue the performance.

“There are still a lot of questions and a lot to follow up on, but the bottom line is that I should be fine,” she said, who went through a series of tests hospital and has since been released from hospitalization.

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