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Athletico’s highlight, the striker Vitor Roque has Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar as inspirations in the offensive sector. The 17-year-old player also stated that he learned from the coach Luiz Felipe Scolari73 years old, who led Hurricane to the Libertadores final.

Vitor Roque participated in the Sportv team this Wednesday, the day after qualifying against Palmeiras, in a 2-2 draw at Allianz Parque. With two goals and two assists in six games, he is one of the candidates for the best player in the competition – it is worth noting that he only participated in the round of 16.

The Brazilian promise, who appears on the list of potential candidates for the CBF’s best in the world, spoke about the dispute with Pablo in the red-black attack, with defender Gustavo Gómez (Palmeiras), if he has already talked with coach Tite (Brazil), among other subjects. Check it out below:

Vitor Roque in celebration after qualifying for the Libertadores final — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

It was just a hit. Now it’s treat. Otherwise, it’s calm.

Young and facing pressure

I try not to leave it behind inside my heart, this pressure to enter me. I leave it to the fans. And work. I try to do my best on a daily basis to play in the game.

How was it to face Gómez? Where did you see the Palmeiras x Flamengo final?

Gustavo Gómez is an exceptional defender and good people. I talked to him there. I’ve had the opportunity to face him in other games. It was peaceful, right? I already knew, more or less, a tough defender, so it was easy (laughs). It was difficult, but I managed to do well. And I was at home watching with my family. Today, being able to play in the Libertadores final is a source of great pride.

Felipão is an amazing guy, who has always helped me. I try to get the most out of him, a world-respected guy, from him and the commission. I talk to my mother. Thank God it falls into his hands, he’s a guy who’s been helping me a lot, talking.

At various times I had difficulties with my family, and he comes and gives me advice, talks to me. Tactically it passes how I should behave on the field, positioning.

He’s always been telling me to attack space since he arrived. When the midfielder catches the ball, he attacks space. If not, he attacks again, because one day he will find the ball, and you will come face to face with the goalkeeper.

Transfer to Atletico

I tried not to get in the middle of these transitions, I left it to my family members and managers. I stayed focused on football, and thank God everything worked out.

Who is your football reference?

I have Neymar as a reference, Cristiano Ronaldo too, two guys who inspire me a lot. Neymar, for the greatness he has in Brazilian football, and Cristiano Ronaldo for his work. He is an exceptional guy, always looking for more.

Dispute with Pablo in the attack. Can you play together?

It’s healthy competition. He’s another amazing guy who has helped me a lot. A good guy who has always given me advice, and I hope to learn more from him, which I will take with me for the rest of my life. But it goes from Felipão (laughs). If the teacher says that he gives, we will be ready to play and help Athletico.

At 17, Vitor Roque is one of the revelations of Brazilian football

At 17, Vitor Roque is one of the revelations of Brazilian football

Have you talked to Tite?

I never talked to Tite. I’ve seen some of his comments about me, which I’m very proud of.

What do you need to improve?

I’m very young and I have a lot to improve. Finishing, heading, everything needs improvement. I have a lot to learn here.

Are you already thinking about Flamengo defenders? And Felipão continues to concentrate three days earlier?

Certainly. When we know the opponent, we are going to look, research everything to arrive well prepared in the game, not to be surprised and surprise the opponent. About concentration, it’s just one day before, not three (laughs).

Do you feel pressure playing away from home?

It was a very important game (Estudiantes), a very important goal for my career. I went in calmly, without pressure, knowing that if I drew I would go to penalties and looking for the goal at all times. Thank God I had the opportunity to finish in the goal and go out into the embrace with the classification.

O athletic return to the field against Hawaii on Sunday, at 11 am, at Ressacada, for the 26th round of the Brasileirão. Hurricane occupies the sixth position, with 42 points.

  • Avai vs Atletico: 09/11, Sunday, 11 am – Hangover (Brasileirão)
  • Athletico vs Cuiabá: 09/18, Sunday, 18h – Arena da Baixada (Brasileirão)
  • Santos vs Atletico: 09/27, Tuesday, 21:30 – Vila Belmiro (Brasileirão)
  • Athletico vs Youth: 10/01, Saturday, 19h – Arena da Baixada (Brasileirão)
  • Atletico vs Fortaleza: 10/05, Wednesday, 19:30 – Arena da Baixada (Brasileirão)

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