What is RedZone and how the NFL news that you can see on ESPN on Star+ works

With RedZone, you can follow 100% of the NFL season on ESPN on Star+

O RedZone is the great news of ESPN channel coverage for another season of NFL. With it, you can follow the 100% of games with Star+.

Wondering what is RedZone? simply the solution to your Sunday “problems”: now you no longer miss any touchdowns or important plays on the day with the most games each week. will be 7 hours of live football on ESPN on Star+.

The concept is simple: a screen that will show all the matches on Sunday live. Simultaneous games start nowto gain individual prominence as soon as a team enters the so-called “RedZone” of the field, that is, the decisive 20 yards of an attack for the touchdown.

Thus, All Sunday touchdowns will be broadcast live, in full screen, to Star+ subscribers and RedZone viewers. But not only that: important plays, which change the course of the game, a decisive turnover, are also recovered in each of the duels.

The RedZone debut in Portuguese in week 1 of the NFL, with the nine games starting at 14:00 (Brasília time) on Sunday. Are they: Detroit Lions x Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears x San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals x Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins x New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers x Cleveland Browns, houston texans x Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons x New Orleans Saints, New York Jets x Baltimore Ravens and Washington Commanders x Jacksonville Jaguars.

The broadcast continues live for the games in the sequence, starting at 17:25 (also from Brasília): Minnesota Vikings x Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans x New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers x Las Vegas Raiders and Arizona Cardinals x Kansas City Chiefs.

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