Withdrawal of money from PIS/Pasep 2022 by cell phone; see how to do

THE Federal Savings Bank recently announced the newest consultation and withdrawal round of the PIS/Pasep through the Severance Indemnity Fund application (FGTS). Check out the details about the withdrawal and who can request it below!

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Who can withdraw the money?

The right to the new PIS/Pasep withdrawal is granted to workers who worked with a formal contract in a private company or as a public servant between 1971 and 1988.

Resources come from calls PIS/Pasep Quotas. Children of deceased workers can redeem the money, so the consultation is quite broad.

How to consult and withdraw PIS/Pasep quotas?

After extinguishing the PIS/Pasep fund, the quota resources were sent to the FGTS. Therefore, in order to know if he is entitled to the money, the worker must download and install the FGTS application.

The next step is to access it and if the message “You have available cashout” appears, it means that the quotas may be waiting. Once this is done, just tap on the screen and go to the option “Request PIS/Pasep withdrawal”.

The application will then ask how the withdrawal will be made, whether in person or through account credit. The tip is to choose the option that will facilitate the process. Once this is done, simply review the data on the screen and tap on “Confirm Withdrawal”.

Those who opt for digital withdrawal, will need to indicate the current account to receive the money, but if it is in person, the person will have to go to a Caixa self-service terminal or lottery with the Citizen Card to withdraw the money.

What about the withdrawal in case of deceased holder?

In this case, the beneficiary must access the FGTS app itself and request the withdrawal in the “My withdrawals” option. Once that is done, the next step is to go to “Other withdrawal situations” and then “PIS/Pasep – Death of the worker”. The platform will show the list of documents needed to complete the request.

For any doubts about the withdrawal, the worker can call 4004-0104, for those who live in capitals and metropolitan regions, or 0800-104-0104, for residents of other regions.

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